Bob Larson vs. Winnipeg

From: (Modemac)
Subject: Radio Bob- Forced OFF Stage Winnipeg Gay
Date: Sun, 30 Apr 1995 14:54:53 GMT

[NOTE from Modemac: The event here probably would have been more
productive if Bob Larson had been allowed to make his speech.]

[ Article crossposted from alt.religion.broadcast ]
[ Author was Don Bayomi ]
[ Posted on 23 Apr 1995 01:25:10 GMT ]

(authors comments: I support no religious side but do support free speech)

Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada April 21, 1995
"Free Speech is Dead" Bob Larson escapes Canada
Crowd turns ugly and Minister forced to leave building for fear of Violence.

Radio talk show host Bob Larson, made his third visit to Winnipeg
yesterday and was met by over 1,000 people who came in vain to hear him

The event was held at a local university but several days before the
event was to take place, there was controversy as the local student
union vowed to disrupt the show on the grounds that Bob Larson was
spreading hate.

At the show, a small group of around 30 very loud and agressive gay
supporters, blew whistles, occupied the stage, some shouted obsenites
and gave third finger salutes and held placcards with various messages.

The security force from the Unviersity remained on the second floor and
away from any and all action despite the apparent total lack of any
sense of crowd control.

After a long delay the speaker edged his way towards the packed stage (a
major mistake) and the crowd lunged forward with a mob mentality causing
an usher to jump of the stage platform.

Bob Larson, then obviously began to get crushed as the mob seemed to
lose total control and at that point an effort was made to push Bob
Larsen off the stage and quickly out the back door and away from the

The gay activists then stood on the stage blowing whistles, rasised arms
and cheered in a show of solidarity for what they had done.

As a side note, earlier in the evening a noted Canadian skinhead was
observed in the room and was harassed and demanded to leave by an angry
mob (some of the same people).

If anything was accomplished that night, it was to prove that there is
no freedom of speech and the saddest part was that several key
university students orchestrated the whole protest.

I hope that the students intention was only to disrupt part of the
meeting and that they did not really wish to stifle the freedom of
speech of this person who paid for the room and invited all to attend.

The mob seemed to think that they had a victory, but I know that this
event will cause them much more harm than would have come by hearing the
simple 1 hour lecture with the ample time alloted for questions and

Again, I state that I have no religious position and went to the meeting
to hear Bob Larsen speak and to hear him, as usual answer question from
any and all takers.

It was a sad day, and I left with countless others feeling sorry for the
speaker and embarassed for our city.

Note: anyone can use my comments in any way they see fit, but i would
prefer not to have my name included without prior permission.

I respect the rights of all human beings, satanists, skinheads,
christians and others and feel that through thoughtful discourse perhaps
some good can come through a better understanding of each other.

Generally speaking Winnipeg is a great and safe place to live.

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Subject: Re: Radio Bob- Forced OFF Stage Winnipeg Gay

<> writes:
> | First Online Church of "Bob," A Subfaction of the Excremeditated |
> | Congregation of the Overinflated Head of L. Ron Hubbard |

Man, what a coincidence, I knew a guy who had a church once called "The First
Church of L. Ron Hubbard's Overinflated Excremeditated Head" but the
Scientologists harrassed him and made him close it down. Now he's changed it
to "The First Church of That One Guy's Overinflated Excremeditated Head".

Thought You'd Want To Knowingly Yours,

Philo "Yardstick" Drummond

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Subject: The Winnipeg Homosexual Riot: The Week After
From: (Modemac)

[ Article crossposted from ]
[ Author was Robb Inniss ]
[ Posted on Fri, 28 Apr 1995 22:46:45 -0500 ]

Catchy title, eh? Sounds like a CNN Report...

Anyway, a few things have been bugging me all week:

1) Apparently, some "homosexual protester" threatened to rape O'Shea's
wife. Did some of the protesters forget they were supposed to be gay?

2) Bob doesn't spread hate. Nothing he says is promoting hate towards
any specific group (based on Canadian laws). However, I've noticed that
CKJS is editing out some stuff. It seems they're ALSO running on a
delay and cutting out certain things that could possibly be in vioation
of CRTC guidelines. Over the past few days, I've noticed that the title
of Bob's video (and accompanying description) have been cut out of the
"Save A Station For A Day" package, only to be replaced by about 8
seconds of silence. Also, Bob's endorsement for some vitamin company
has afew seconds muted. Just because we don't hear what he's saying
doesn't mean he's not saying it. If you think back to Monday's show,
you'll also remember that there was always a pause before the words
"...stormed the stage", etc.

3) Bob should have been allowed to speak. He shouldn't have been
allowed to speak what he planned to, but he came out looking like a God
(no pun intended) because of the demonstration. Regardless of what
happens, we're gonna be the bad guys and he'll look like a prince. With
this past demonstration, there's no way that anyone wouldn't feel sorry
for the guy if they heard him on the air. (And a lot of Canadians tuned
in for the first time right after the "riot"...).

4) Bob should be allowed back into the city to speak. If it actually
happens, we should sit back and keep our mouths shut (sorta like those
wonderful Christians last Friday, eh?). Let him speak peacefully and
then we can slaughter him on his on playing field- the media. While
there is a chance his message could spread, I think everybody here has
done enough homework that it would be easy to put him on the spot.

5) Who's this O'Shea guy? He's even mouthier than Bob!

6) Nice work on jamming the lines this week. How can he have the gall
to whine over the air about this happening when he's asking people to do
exactly the same thing at the U of W, City Hall and at the Justice
Department? Do I see a double standard here?

Don't get me wrong--I think last week's DEMONstration was important and
even necessary. However, it kinda exploded in our faces. Bob got more
mileage out of it than anyone else.

We shut him up for a night. Mission accomplished. Now, let's shut him

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Subject: Re: The Winnipeg Homosexual Riot: The Week After
From: (ChrisTuck)

Robb, who doesn't have the slightest CONCEPT about Freedom of Speech
(although, he IS in Canada, where the State grants it's vassals whatever
rights the State sees fit to grant.) said,

"He shouldn't have been allowed to speak what he planned to,"

You stupid Pinkannuk! Don't you realize that that kind of sentiment is
EXACTLY what your Overseers want to see, the better to repress and
eliminate even MORE of what few freedoms you already have?

If Bob Larson is silenced, then what makes you think that YOU won't be

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Subject: Re: The Winnipeg Homosexual Riot: The Week After
From: (Dennis McClain-Furmanski) wrote:
>If Bob Larson is silenced, then what makes you think that YOU won't be

The loss of Larson would be felt on alt.slack and throughout the church.
It would be equivalent to the sudden vacuum felt by political
commentators and comedians when Dan Quayle left.

-- The Doctor is on.

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