Bob Larson (very late) Update, 4/21/95

From: (Modemac)
Date: Sun, 30 Apr 1995 15:09:01 GMT

[NOTE from Modemac: And finally, it seems ol' Bob Larson is learning a few
tricks from the Sons of Elron - his guys have sent complaints to the
service provider for our friend the Internet Guerilla. If you want to
send these guys email or a phone call in support of our friend, I'm
including some info at the end of this message.

[ Article crossposted from ]
[ Author was Guerilla ]
[ Posted on 22 Apr 1995 01:05:49 GMT ]

Ohhhh, boy. I've been away much too long.

Okay, where to start.

Back about January, I got a subpoena from Bob Larson's attorneys in
relation to my posts of Ken's article on the USENET groups. Apparently,
Bob didn't care much for my constant "activity" on the Internet.

Man, I HATE depositions!! It was just very nerve wracking and dumb. To
put it eloquently... :)

I had to give a deposition for Larson's lawyers. (Ken and Bob are
embroiled in a lawsuit right now...)

After that all passed, I thought that Larson's goons would leave me


After I posted the "Bob Larson: A Cry for Help" which commented on the
subject of Bob Larson and rumours of child molestation, Larson's
attorneys sent a letter to the CEO of Concentric Research, the online
computer service that I work for.

The letter stated:

"We believe the publication of that article on the Internet was
innappropriate, and request on behalf of our clients that in the future
your company refrain from publishing articles about our clients on the

These guys should go work for the Church of Scientology... :)

Anyhow, I got pretty nervous about this. I don't need to be getting
fired because of BOB, of all things.

Nobody owns the Internet, speech is free, and my Company has nothing to
do with my postings. It's my personal account, and I have about four
others. I'll post what I damn well please, thank you very much.

So, I may not be posting much like I used to to USENET, but I'll be
keeping an eye out in this newsgroup.

Ken Smith, the author of the internet posts and Bob's nemesis, should be
joining the Big Happy Family of the Net very soon... Straight from the
horse's mouth! :)

So, any questions, comments, flames, whatever, I'm here.

Speak to me.

The Internet Guerilla

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