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Well, here it is:


Around the year 2012, there will be a JUDGEMENT DAY, and
a HARVEST of people, whether physically alive or dead. This
is because Planet Earth is nearing the end of a MAJOR CYCLE
of human evolution.

The criteria for Judgement will have little or NOTHING
to do with one's religion, such as how pious a "Christian" a
person is. And Jesus Christ will have NOTHING to do with it.
(His work on Earth was COMPLETELY FINISHED nearly 2000 years
ago when the last of his ONLY 120 initiates [see Acts 1:15
KJV] physically died.) Instead, the criterion is each
person's orientation toward SERVICE, Service to OTHERS vs.
service to SELF, as demonstrated by thought, word, and deed,
and indicated by the basic color of his or her AURA.

A symbolic clue about the Judgement criteria can be
found in Revelation 3:15-16 KJV: "I know thy works, that thou
art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot. So
then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I
will spew thee out of my mouth."

People who are at least 51% oriented toward Service to
OTHERS, ("HOT"), will GRADUATE (be "SAVED") into "4th Density
Positive", as the Earth itself is transformed into "4th
Density" (a kind of SUPRA-physical level of existence, which
is IN-visible to our present 3rd Density level). Right now
it looks like this Harvest (GRADUATING CLASS) will be
relatively small, unfortunately.

People who are at least 95% oriented toward service to
SELF through manipulation, control, and/or enslavement of
others, ("COLD"), will graduate to "4th Density NEGATIVE",
and will probably be transferred to the "Star Wars"-type
empire occupying part of the constellation of Orion. This
Harvest is extremely small, and includes people like Saddam
Hussein, and David and Nelson Rockefeller.

Most of the remaining people are "LUKEWARM", have
FLUNKED the present 3rd Density cycle, and will have to
REPEAT another 3rd Density cycle, another long miserable
series of REincarnations into the physical world (somewhere,
possibly in another solar system), lasting about 25,000

Two groups of people will NOT have to participate in the
Judgement. One group is at least 65 million people who are
"Wanderers" from other planets, have ALREADY GRADUATED to
4th, 5th, or 6th Density Positive in the distant past, and
have VOLUNTEERED to reincarnate onto Planet Earth to try to
help increase the Harvest, increase beneficial technical and
social development, and prevent the Earth and its natural
environment from being destroyed.

The other group of people EXEMPT from Judgement are
those who have accepted Initiation from a PHYSICALLY-LIVING
Divine Master, such as Sri Harold Klemp of the Eckankar
organization (P.O. Box 27300, Minneapolis, MN 55427; 1-800-
568-3463), and Maharaj Gurinder Singh Ji of the Sant Mat
organization. (A TRUE Divine Master is One who tunes His
Initiates into the Sound Current, the Audible Life Stream,
referred to as "The Word" in John 1:1-5.) These Initiates
will go directly to at least the Soul Plane, when they
physically die, and will NEVER AGAIN have to reincarnate into
ANY physical or psychic plane of existence.

Before the Judgement and Harvest, there will be some
major changes in the Earth itself, as its atomic vibration
begins to increase at least one full octave to the SUPRA-
physical 4th Density level of existence. For example,
psychic futurist Gordon-Michael Scallion and the late
"sleeping prophet" Edgar Cayce have predicted MAJOR POLE
SHIFTS, the SINKING of most of Japan, northern Europe, and
much of the western portion of the United States, the
the Great Lakes and their NEW OUTLET directly south to the
Gulf of Mexico, between now and the year 2001. These and
other similar predictions were broadcast to the nation on 3-
1-94, and repeated on 4-10-94, during the two-hour prime-time
NBC TV program "Ancient Prophecies".

Much of the above information comes from telepathic
contact [by OTHERS] with extra-terrestrials, especially from
a large group who call themselves "RA" and describe
themselves as a "social memory complex" living in upper 6th
Density Positive. They are active members of the "Confedera-

tion of Planets in Service to the One Infinite Creator". For
more information, please contact L/L Research, P.O. Box 5195,
Louisville, KY 40255, and consult their books "The RA
Material", "The Law of One, Book 2", and "Secrets of the

I also recommend these books:

"Bringers of the Dawn--Teachings from the Pleiadians",
channeled by Barbara Marciniak and edited by Tera Thomas;
and its sequel "Earth: Pleiadian Keys to the Living
Library", co-authored by Karen Marciniak.

"Mass Dreams of the Future", especially Chapter 10, by Chet
B. Snow, Ph.D., featuring hypnotic future-life progressions
by Helen Wambach, Ph.D.;

"Beyond Prophecies and Predictions", by Moira Timms,
especially Chapters 11 and 14; and

"Phoenix Rising--No-Eyes' Vision of the Changes to Come", by
Mary Summer Rain.

Please also contact Gordon-Michael Scallion's organiza-
tion, Matrix Institute, Inc., P.O. Box 336, Chesterfield, NH
03443, 1-800-628-7493, and ask for their latest catalog of
audio and video tapes, books, "Future Map of the United
States: 1998-2001", and "The Earth Changes Report: The
Survival Guide for the Nineties" monthly newsletter.

For more information, answers to your questions, etc.,
please consult my CITED SOURCES.

IMPORTANT Information is ENCOURAGED, especially to COMPUTER

Robert E. McElwaine
PROBABLE "Wanderer"
2nd Initiate in Eckankar
B.S., Physics and Astronomy, UW-EC

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