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Date: Sun, 26 Feb 1995 12:59:46 GMT

[NOTE from Modemac: I think I may have posted this one here a couple of
months ago. However, the second message in this thread seems new, and
the way the term "Brady Bill" is used in quotes tells you exactly where
these guys stand. Also, the newsgroup line tells me that there's yet
ANOTHER cool newsgroup to look at - alt.revolution.american.second. So
THAT'S where all the "overthrow the government!" guys are hanging out!
Like, totally awesome, dude!]

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[ Author was Dave Alexander ]
[ Posted on Thu, 23 Feb 1995 23:19:45 -0500 ]

Patriots, freedom lovers, and those who still believe the
United States Constitution is the law of the land and not
some Corporation in the District of Columbia should check
out a resource on the net called:

***************** "The Patriot's Archive" ***************

This site contains more than 600 ASCII text files
(over 25 megabytes) dealing with issues such as the
New World Order, gun control, government conspiracies,
the United Nations, the Elite who want to enslave us,
the Federal Reserve, the CFR, TLC, IRS, CIA, NSA and
other sordid acronyms. There is info on militias,
fractional reserve banking ripoffs, and an archive of
all of the Dr. Beter Audio Letters. You can find detailed
files about Clinton and Whitewater, Mena, Foster, etc.,
AIDS as a weapon of war and other biological warfare
information, Waco and Weaver, Reno and the MJTFs, FEMA
and concentration camps for U.S. citizens, the War Powers
Act, NewStates Constitution, censorship, electronic privacy,
the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, Executive Orders,
as well as IMPORTANT documents such as the United States
Constitution and Federalist Papers. Also included are
many resources for patriots, including book lists,
magazine and newsletter information and the Patriot's
Resource Guide.

Check it out.

If you have any files you would like to see included in the
archive, by all means send them to me -

The first thing to do is get the index, called
00patriot_index.txt. This index lists each file and gives
a one-line description about it. Look through it to
see which files you want to get. After you get the files,
read them and then spread them around. Upload them to BBSs,
mail them to friends. Help spread the word.

(NOTE: If you have trouble ftp'ing, check with your system
administrator before you mail me. Show the sysadmin a
transcript of the login attempt. Generally, if you have
trouble connecting, the software is configured incorrectly
on your side. uses standard ftp server software.
The most I can do is to send you a FAQ about FTP. Sorry.)

| |
| | "The strongest reason for the
| _______________________ | people to retain their right to
| S. P. I. R. A. L. | keep and bear arms is, as a last
| ======================== | resort, to protect themselves
| Society for the Protection of | against tyranny in government."
|Individual Rights and Liberties |
|________________________________| -- Thomas Jefferson
Subject: Patriot's Archives FTP Site
From: (Modemac)


I am a ShareBook author/compiler, I would like to make my files available
to you. They include such titles as:

Hundreds of case cites, covering Constitutional law, taxes, admiralty,
jurisdiction, common-law, 14th amendment, etc.

Complete text of the U.S. Constitution, California Constitution, Magna
Carta, Declaration of Independence, plus many more!)

There are over 50 government agencies that each could have a file on you!
The FBI, IRS, DEA, CIA, BATF, and all the other organizations of the
government. This disk shows how to process a Freedom of Information Act
(FOIA) request. It even includes complete directions, forms, and even how
to appeal the request!

This disk goes into detail on the legal definations of weapons, 2nd Amendment
case cites, the text of the "Brady Bill," and the true intent (with proof) of
the Brady Bill. This disk is a must for gun owners who want to keep them!

This ShareBook contains lots of informations covering all aspects of the
New World Order, FEMA, etc...what you don't know can kill you!

Along the same lines, we have another ShareBook that is called...

This ShareBook contains information about the concentration camps that are
already built on American soil all ready to go, seizing and closing borders,
food supplies, etc. This ShareBook contains the executive order numbers and
text! This ShareBook proves what FEMA really is intended for!

And one of our most popular disk...

This incredibly popular disk covers brainwashing, the Clipper chip - used for
listening in on private phone calls, Tempest technology - used to tap in on
what is on your computer screen at any moment, President Clinton's bill to
outlaw EVERY method of encryption but his own (DES), complete tutorial about
encryption, exact way the gov't will be structured under the United Nations,
methods to be used to disarm the citizens, the executive orders (including
numbers) that will be activated to achieve this goal! This ShareBook even
details how Nazi-designed propaganda techniques are in use today - on YOU!
Plus MUCH more!!

When you see 1984, you will see why it is our most popular disk, it's
incredible! The information is truely mind boggling!

So you can see that all the ShareBooks are very interesting reading!

Running a ShareBook is easy! Each of the ShareBooks is made so that the
user just types "Begin" and a electronic-book-on-disk format displays on
the screen, and the user just moves through the book with the arrow keys
and the ESC key! No configuration required whatsoever! It can run on a
floppy or hard disk based system! It will run under DOS, DR-DOS, PC-DOS,
MS-DOS or Windows(tm) and almost anything else! No compatablity problems!

If you would like to read the ShareBooks, please drop me a note and I will
see to it that you get a copy of one or all of them - your choice!

Please note that this is only a sampling of the titles available...over 25
titles in all are available. List provided upon request.

Please send notes on Internet to

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