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Mission Policies and Guidelines

The following excerpts are from the official document of Mission
Policies and Guidelines for the Boston Massachusetts Mission of the
Church of Latterday Saints (The Mormons). Edits noted by asterisks
thus: ***, emphasis placed as in original. No editorial comments

You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. -N-


"Obedience is the first law of heaven, the cornerstone upon which all
righteousness and progression rest. It consists in compliance with
divine saw, in conformity to the mind and will of Deity, in complete
subjection to God and his commandments. To obey gospel law is to yield
obedience to the Lord, to execute the commands of and be ruled by him
whose we are." (Mormon Doctrine, Page 539).

Rules are designed to bring missionaries more of the success and
blessings that our Father in Heaven desires us to obtain. We in the
mission field have an extra set of rules to live by, and our success is
dependent upon how we live them. The Lord tells us, "I the Lord am
bound when ye do what I say, but when you don't what I say, ye have no
promise," (D&C 82:10). These rules are not meant to take away our free
agency, but to bring us closer to the Lord and his guiding influence.

All blessings flow from obedience. Man's love of God is measured in
terms of obedience and service. "If ye love me, keep my commandments,"
(John 14:15). We, as missionaries doing the Lord's work, are expected
by the Lord to live his rules and he will truly bless our efforts. Our
success in baptizing and personal growth is a direct reflection of the
degree we keep the mission rules.

Remember, the Lord knows all of your thoughts and actions. Your mission
is between you and the Lord. The only one who will have to account for
your stewardship and obedience is you! Rules to follow so that you can
baptize to your full capacity include:

A. The small white missionary handbook should be read as a companionship
on Monday and carried at all times.
B. NEVER be separated from your companion.
C. Begin and end each day with personal and companion prayers.
D. Accomplish the following missionary minimums each week as a

1. PROSELYTE AT LEAST 62 1/2 HOURS EACH WEEK. This includes:
a. Proselyting and teaching discussions to nonmembers
b. Calling on and teaching media referrals
c. Attending church with nonmembers
d. Contacting at least 200 nonmembers in homes, at work, or on the
street at least 15 hours per week.
I. Address each other by "Elder" or "Sister" only.
J. Keep apartments neat and clean at all times. (The mission president
and his companion or the assistants will make periodic visits). The
Spirit of the Lord should be there at all times.
K. Do not borrow money from your companion, other missionaries or
members. Call the president directly for assistance.
M. Luggage should be limited to two suitcases and a carry on.

This is the expected daily schedule for all missionaries:

6:30 a.m. Arise, exercise, shower, dress and have personal prayer. If
more time is required, arise earlier but take care not to disturb
others. Missionaries should be fully dressed and wearing badge before
kneeling at 7:00 a.m. for companion prayer.

7:00 a.m. COMPANION PRAYER AND STUDY. Remember, the entire mission will
be praying together. While still on your knees, follow this prayer by
bearing ashort testimony to your companion. After he/she bears a short
testimony to you, quote in unison: D&C 4 and the Standard of Truth.
Follow this by companion study, sitting erect at a desk or table, which
should include:
-Praying for understanding
-Reading the small white handbook every Monday
-Reading these Grey Handbook rules the Monday after transfers
-Follow the 20\20\20 rule which includes study of the Missionary Guide,
scriptures and the discussion, daily.
-Role play daily
-Studying answers to investigators concerns
-Portions of the grey handbook
-NO talk tapes

8:00 a.m. Breakfast

8:30 a.m. PERSONAL STUDY. Sit erect at a desk or table, and STAY AWAKE!
Always start with a prayer and ask for understanding. Plan to use the
truths you learn to bless the lives of others. Read as though the Lord
is talking to you. Your personal study should include:
-Book of Mormon for 30 minutes, daily
-Missionary Gospel Study Program for 30 minutes, daily
-Use-index, dictionary, topical guide, etc.
-Do NOT read books other than those listed in the Missionary Guide Study
Program booklet.

9:30 a.m. Proselyting. Foreign language speaking missionaries train for
yet another 30 minutes to study the language.

12:00 p.m. Lunch

1:00 p.m. Proselyting

5:00 Dinner

6:00 Proselyting ("Golden Hours"). Sister should not personal contact
after dark in unsafe places.

9:30 p.m. End proselyting. All missionaries are to be in their
apartments no later than 10:00 p.m. If delayed for any reason NOTIFY

10:00 p.m. Planning. This is essential for effective missionary work.
Take time to evaluate the day - did you accomplish what you planned to
achieve? Discuss tomorrow's activities and plan accordingly. Use the
missionary weekly planner (the Blue Planner).

10:30 Companion prayer, personal prayer and in bed by 10:30 SHARP.


A. Only view church videos.
B. No video games including Nintendo.
C. No gum chewing.
D. No music after proselyting hours and on preparation day and then only
church or classical music that would be appropriate in sacrament
E. Only read approved publications. NEVER read "anti" literature of any
kind. Read to be uplifted.
F. No pictures of singing groups, sports figures, events, or travel
pictures. Wall hangings should be of the Savior, temples, prophets,
apostles, Book of Mormon, etc. Maps and area boards pertaining to the
area may be hung on the wall.
G. Minimize talking with missionaries about worldly things.
H. Play church music only on pianos.


A. Start the day with the usual schedule (companion prayer, quote and
companion study at 7:00 a.m. and personal study from 8:30 a.m. to 9:30
a.m.). Preparation day clothing may be worn to clean the apartment after
B. Take care of the necessities BEFORE doing anything else.

1. MOST IMPORTANT: These are necessities.
a. Write your letter to president when preparation day is on Monday.
b. Shopping for necessities: food, toiletries and occasional clothing.
c. Doing laundry and preparing your wardrobe (ironing).
d. Writing a weekly letter to your parents.
2. IMPORTANT: Should be done each preparation day.
a. Cleaning the apartment.
b. Shopping for necessities: food, toiletries and occasionally, clothing.
c. Doing laundry and preparing your wardrobe (ironing).
d. Getting haircuts.
3. LESS IMPORTANT: Do only after the above mentioned tasks are completed.
a. Sleeping. Periodically, a long nap can revive the physical body after
a particularly demanding week.
b. Writing to friends outside the mission boundaries.
c. Physical exercise ***
d. Visiting museums, galleries and historical sites.
e. Attending appropriate cultural events with prior approval.
f. Nature walks.
a. Television viewing.
b. Movies.
c. Water sports, winter sports, horseback riding, airplane rides,
ballooning, shooting ranges, swimming, full court basketball and contact
sports. Injuries waste sacred time.
d. Doing anything that would make you tired for the upcoming night of
proselyting should be totally avoided.
e. Anything that would rob you of your spirituality.


A. Missionary dress consists of tie, name tag, white shirt (do not roll
up the sleeves), dark suits, etc. and are to be worn at all times except
as follows:
1. Cleaning the apartment
2. Washing mission vehicles
3. Strenuous athletic activities (this does not include activities like
bowling, miniature golf, window shopping, etc.
B. Suits should always be pressed, shoes shined and shirts laundered and
C. Suits coats may be eliminated as part of the missionary dress
beginning May 1st and ending September 30th, as whenever the temperature
is over 75 degrees. The companionship must be dressed the same.
D. Hair length and side burns must follow the church missionary
standards. Tapered haircuts only, no block cuts, crew cuts or trendy
styles. Hair should always be kept neat.
E. Name tags should be worn at all times except when in recreational


A. Letters to President are to be in the mail by noon on Monday
regardless of whether it is preparation day or not. Confidential
letters should be marked as such and be sent to the mission office.
B. No talking by phone to friends, family or girls/boys back home. Calls
to parents may only be made on Christmas and Mother's Day. These are
limited to 1 hour each. Additional calls to family may only be made
with prior permission of the president.
C. Missionaries are not to give their phone number to anyone except
investigators and members in the area they are currently serving. Do
not give your phone number to parents, family and friends back home.
D. No calls to other missionaries or persons in present or former areas
(except as essential for the missionary work in your area).


C. Refrain from using slang and euphemisms of speech
J. TEMPLE GARMENTS ARE SACRED. They must be worn at all times, except
for certain strenuous sports. They should not be exposed to the general
public. They should never be dropped on the floor or left in public
laundry or drying machines. The MARKS make the entire garment sacred.
Keep the ENTIRE garment covered. Do not leave unwanted or worn out
garments lying unused in empty drawers or boxes, etc. Dispose of worn
out garments in an appropriate manner. If in doubt, ask your zone

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