Yggdrasil's Lesson #1, "SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL"

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"The Germanic Tree of Life"

Presents Lesson Number One in
Securing the Survival of Western

Each week, YGGDRASIL discusses the forces and movements
that bear on the fate of European-Americans as a people
and as a culture.

YGGDRASIL's students include many who are angry at the
United States Government and at the costs and disadvantages
it imposes on European-Americans. The legal and economic
burdens fall predominantly on the young and politically
weak; those seeking college admission, first time job
seekers, and entrepreneurs starting up businesses.

While anger is understandable, ancient symbols of that
anger do not to speak to the needs of our people. They
tend to energize opponents of European-American self-

There are recognizable forces and patterns that create
and maintain the burdens imposed on European-Americans.
These weekly lessons are intended to illuminate
those forces and patterns, so that the angry youth of
our nation will understand that we have realistic
opportunities to free ourselves.

The topic for this week is "Multi-Racial Empires."

YGGDRASIL SAYS: "Multi-Racial Empires everywhere crumble.
They are a bad idea."

The reading for this week comes from the Pages of the Wall
Street Journal.

The article is written by an Economics Professor at Harvard.

He makes a very important point about racial groups using the
government for advantage:

" Although it may be an unpleasant commentary on human
nature, a central driving force in defining a state is the
desire to have a reasonably homogeneous population within
its borders. It is clear from observing the places where
secessionist movements tend to occur, such as Yugoslavia and
the Soviet Union or Spain and Canada, that ethnic identity
is a central driving force. ***

" Political economy explains some of the benefits from
having a homogeneous population within a given state. If
diversity is great--measured say by the inequality in
potential earnings-then there is a strong incentive for
people to spend their energies in efforts to redistribute
income rather than to produce goods. In particular, a
greater dispersion of constituent characteristics leads to
the creation of interest groups that spend their time
lobbying the central government to redistribute resources in
their favor."

Do racial minority "interest groups" lobby to redistribute resources
from European Americans in the United States?

The author suggests that there may be benefits to secession -
the splitting of a multi-racial empire into several racially
homogenous states.

Might it be possible for interested European-Americans
to form their own country within the borders of the United

Does the article suggest anything that might motivate the
average European-American to support secession?

Might the typical, middle class European-American view this
as a means to escape the burden of supporting groups who
lobby for advantages and government handouts?

Might secession be a peaceful means of achieving self-
determination for European-Americans?

Robert Barro suggests that the institution of slavery could
have been ended at far less cost without fighting the
Civil War.

Is he suggesting that some other agenda was at stake?

The above quotes suggest that racial competition to use
the political system for advantage can be analyized in
economic terms.

However, it is far from clear that any sort of economic model
can predict the outcomes of racial competion in multi-racial

An economic model implies equilibrium. It implies that the
political process will find that point at which costs
to the non-preferred group equal the benefits of remaining in
the empire, and that political resistance by the non-preferred
group will stop the preferences from going to extremes.

But that is not what we observe in real life. Looking at the
examples from Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and Africa in Yggdrasil's
Lesson 3, you will see that once a race gets hold of the
political process and imposes preferences, the political
process goes to extremes, with resulting flight of Chinese
from Malaysia and Vietnam, expusion of whites from Africa,
deadly conflict in Sri Lanka, and slow genocide in Tibet.

Not a pretty picture.

It might also be tempting to analyze self destructive
behaviors of races in a multi-racial empires in economic
terms. James Baldwin in "The Fire Next Time", describes the
"slowdown" in which blacks decrease their work effort to
avoid benefitting whites on the other side of any labor

But here also, the racial motive for sliding onto welfare
and the pathologies associated with the welfare system
demonstrate movement to self-destructive extremes, rather
than movement to an equilibrium point as economic theory
would suggest.

Surely, it makes no economic sense to destroy one's own
race as a means of denying the benefits of economic
interaction to some other race. But that is what we see in
the real world.

Something more powerful than economics seems to be at work in
these situations. In these multi-racial empires, people seem
unhappy with inter-racial economic transactions in which both
parties benefit. The other race must lose, or it isn't "fair".

Indeed, if the economic model worked, then we could argue that
multi-racial empires should reduce socialism, because the only
effective tactic for reducing disproportionate economic
transfers between races would be to attack all governmental
wealth transfers in universal, non-racial terms.

But in actual practice, once the modern "therapeutic state"
becomes aware of race, and percieves "imbalances", the remedies
it applies accellerate the centrifugal forces to the point of

Despite some inherent limitations in applying the tools of
economic analysis to racial conflict in multi-racial empires,
nevertheless, Professor Barro recognizes an ultimate truth
that contradicts the fundamental sustaining myth upon which the
United States has been built.

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