Shroud of Turin

Subject: Shroud of Turin (Was: Re: News From The InstiToot)
From: (Matthew Carey)

>I think Nicole C. Michaud ( wrote:


There was a story in the L.A. Times today about the SoT. Apparently,
someone thinks the smoke from the fire it was in in the 16th century or
there'bouts screwed up the carbon dating.

They're going to test it all over again. More PR for the Alpha-Omega
False Cult of Planet E. Do you all have any idea how many souls this
publicity stunt alone is going to net for J-1???

Why don't we have a shroud? Or something like it?

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From: (Carlos May)
Newsgroups: alt.slack,alt.atheism.satire,alt.religion.kibology
Date: 31 Mar 1995 05:08:00 GMT

The Institute of Scientific SantaClausism has the actual
burial shroud of Santa Claus. It was discovered wrapped
around a piece of chocolate. The shroud's authenticity
has been proven by leading Scientific Clausologists.
It's definately not a midaeval forgery, as tests prove it's
made of aluminium foil, which was unknown in the middle ages.

Frater Frogalogus


Subject: Re: Shroud of Turin (Was: Re: News From The InstiToot)
From: (Pizza Jesus)

What about the Fedora of Milwaukee? No one can explain how it
got there, but believers say that it's the hat "Bob" was wearing
when he was shot. The inside of the FoM contains a faint image
of the distictive "Bob" hair style.

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