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[ Posted on Sat, 25 Feb 1995 23:04:44 -0800 (PST) ]

The following are several web sites and home pages of Conservative Right
and Xian Reich groups on the Net. Though NOWHERE near as fabulous as
some of the queer lists I've seen through out the web, they do contain
enough information to keep some of you folks busy. I'd especially like
to thank the anonymous poster for giving us the web address for the
Focus on the Family stuff.


This is the Index of Prolife (anti-choice) Resources on the web. It has
a goodly amount of info and provides several jumpgates to other web
pages. A good place to keep an eye out on.

You may squeal about this all you want but there is NOTHING you can do
about it. I've got my Gopher search engines red-lining and there is NO
place on the web that you cockroaches can hide. I'll find you...and your
little dog too!


The Christian Resources Directory web pages. Most of the info available
is about getting Bible stuff in different languages. There are several
groups that chat about their angst in the world of missionary work. No
doubt it's grueling work ramming your religion down the throats of
indigenous peoples. Raemo says check it out


This is a major Reich-wing hangout that is infested with foam blathering
Rush worshipers. It's a good place to keep an eye out on what's
happening on the other side of the fence. Contains the full text of the
"Contract on America" along with other "important" Republican works.
Hell, believe it or not some of the people posting to this site are
doing so using complete sentences. Such can't be said for the next


This site address was sent in annonymously to gaynet a few days ago. Much
thanks Mr/Ms Insider. This is the home page of James Dobson's Colorado
Springs-based _Focus On The Family_ Folks, there's venom here. Lots of
it. What else would you expect from twig-dick fag basher who hides
behind a cross and the lettes PhD. Exactly. Store this one away and
follow the unfolding drama as it vomits forth from your monitor.
Methinks the man doth need a 1) bullet 2) Prozac 3) good fuck
[doggy-style] 4) another bullet 5) his IRS non-profit status revoked


The Mother of All Xian Web Pages....if only they could keep this one up
and running. They must have Sonny Bono programming this web page. Set up
by the young sworthy-looking heir-to-be Ralph Reed (who's pants I STILL
wouldn't mind climbing into - in order to exorcize those demons) this
page was supposed to put the Pat Robertson led Christian Coalition up
and running on the "Information Superhighway". Too bad that by doing so
with this page is like running a Pinto Againt the Porches. Shame Ralph.
Too bad.....loser.

Still, this is another one to watch for in the future. It's set up for
several jumpgates but none work for now.

Anyway...check 'em all out. If you have questions email me (privately)
and I'll try to see what I can do.


<raemo@well.com> <raemo@dq.org>
Ray Russ

<raemo@queernet.org> <raemo@itsa.ucsf.edu>

Queer radical actively promoting the "Gay Agenda" (ie, basic and fundamental
human rights and equality) as defined by such dangerous and subversive
documents as the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the United Nations
Declaration on the Rights of Man-to mention a few. Pretty scary eh?

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