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well here are some...

Here's some addresses I've gotten:


Skrewdriver Services
PO Box 461972
Aurora, CO 80046

Thunor Services
PO Box 1345
Woodstock, GA 30188


Dim Records
Ullrich Grossman
PO Box 1718
Coburg, Germany

Rebelles Europeens
11 Rue Jean Jaures
Brest, France

Rock-O-Rama Records
Kaiserstrausse 119
Bruhl, Germany

United Forces
PO Box 18
Stockton, Teeside
TS19 9YX

>If you want WP music catalogs here are the addresses:
White Terror Records
PO Box 212
South St. Paul, MN 55075
Send 2 bucks to these guys and they'll send you a catalog.

Resistance Records
PO Box 24700
Detroit, Michigan 48224
Send like a buck (I think) to these guys and they'll send you a catalog.

Aryan Tape Service: These guys in Belgium have EVERYTHING! They'll send
you a huge catalog full of all of their music... Its like six bucks for
a tape... (Its all bootlegged but great quality) 6 bucks for a 90 minute
tape, you selct anything from the catalog that equals 90 minutes and
send em like $6.22... Good deal so write em for info!
Postbus 50
Gent 12

Save this list, and give it to anyone who asks for it

BE SURE TO SEND ATLEAST 2$ to cover postage and catalogue inquiries

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