The amazing image below is, believe it or not, a "MAGIC EYES" stereogram -- like those computer-generated fractally-patterned-looking images that turn into a 3-D object when you make/let your eyeballs do the right thing... only done on what might as well be a COMMON ORDINARY EVERYDAY TYPEWRITER.

For those hermits who don't know what I'm talking about: let your eyes defocus while looking at the picture so that any given two "Bobs" become one. They will stand out (IN YOUR BRAIN ONLY!) from the background pattern, creating an aetheric Dobbs that vastly supercedes in psychedeliciousness even Mike's basic flat typed-concept Dobbs apprehendable in "normal" visual consciousness.

!:::'/_ _\`:::::'/_ _\`:::::'/_ _\`:::::'/_ _\`:::::'/_ _\`:::::'/_ _\`:::!
!:::|/ ~ \|`::::|/ ~ \|  `::|/ ~ \|'   `|/ ~ \|::'  |/ ~ \|::::'|/ ~ \|:::!
!:::|'-.-`|  :::|'-.-`|    :|'-.-`|     |'-.-`|:    |'-.-`|:::  |'-.-`|:::!
!:: (|e|e|?   ::(|e|e|? '   (|e|e|? ` ' (|e|e|?   ` (|e|e|?.:   (|e|e|? ::!
!.  `._^_,''   :`._^_,'..'  `._^_,'`...'`._^_,'  `..`._^_,'.   ``._^_,'  .!
!.   \\=//       \\=//       \\=//       \\=//       \\=//       \\=//   .!
:    U/_/        U/_/        U/_/        U/_/        U/_/        U/_/     :
@/      \&~  @/      \&~  @/      \&~  @/      \&~  @/      \&~  @/      \&
Y/\.::./\S\ /Y/\.::./\S\ /Y/\.::./\S\ /Y/\.::./\S\ /Y/\.::./\S\ /Y/\.::./\S
the 3-D "Bob" frop
Rev. Wizard   ;D
jittlov@erehwon.caltech.edu (Mike Jittlov)

NOTE: This works just as well on screen or on paper, but if you want to add this to your email documents or whatnot, download the text version. Your newsreader or email reader must be displaying it in a MONOSPACED FONT... which yours probably is. (I missed the full grooviness of this art the first time I saw it, because I was using a variable-spaced font, which makes text look slick, but causes sig. illos and pictos like this to fracture. (It's even more 3-D that way, but doesn't look like Dobbs.))

ONLY MIKE JITTLOV would be SMART enough to take something as simple as (what might as well be) a TYPEWRITER and make a damn STEREOGLYPH with it, but also be TWISTED enough to apply that incredible strange wild ace talent to making what? A PICTURE OF DOBBS. The simplest ever, short of a Smiley with a pipe & halo, yet exploiting the tendency of the human brain to make chaos out of order, so that even this stick-figure-like image becomes MAGIC.

For those who didn't know, Mike Jittlov is an actual true genius -- no offense, Mike -- who started out as a math whiz, became an animation whiz, then became THE WIZARD OF SPEED AND TIME in the absolutely incredible feature film of that title which he directed. He is now... well, like the rest of us, he's just experimenting, FIDDLING ABOUT, with this minor new technological breakthrough called Internet. Considering that he's one of the greatest magicians of the century, we can probably expect him to discover or invent entire new continents in netspace that we'll all wish we'd have thought of. If you haven't seen THE WIZARD OF SPEED AND TIME, your life is not complete. It's rentable -- I've seen it at Blockbusters (!) -- but may be hard to find. See alt.fan.mike.jittlov.