Artful Websites

Artful Websites

If only you had a graphical browser.
art, by gum
Much of the art and games on this website was originally gleaned from the SubGenius binaries newsgroup, alt.binaries.slack, where crazed sleepless SubGenii post their nasty experimentation. Not for the faint of heart. We hear alt.binaries.tasteless is even better.


AMAZING movies, 3D demos!!!:



3-D stuff of all kinds. Gorgeous.

Porno ad w/ Animated Java-pussy!

Anyone using Netscape 2.0 can now see and produce cross-platform inline video on the web without plug-ins. SMART DUBBING Demo's at:
Smart Dubbing(TM) is a software utility which enables small videoclips to be played on a web page as they download. In contrast to AVI or QuickTime movies, they show their content as they load. Macintosh demo available.

VRML Slack!

From: Dave Walsh <>

VDOLive player:

Raytrace-begotten tilable images, located at:">Fanboy.
"Insane Creators Enterprises' site, ACiD's eternal rival since the ANSI days of '88." :
The Superunknown, a site covering much of the art, music and code of the PC demoscene. This community is international: it incorporates realtime, mostly-undocumented programming effects and modes with digital music and artwork...In short, everything you get on your screen is coming directly from the processor, not from an animation file-That makes these "demos" much faster and much more disturbing. Small wonder that half of the software industry wants to suppress these nuts while the other half tries to ignore them. The site itself-This site in particular, anyway-is well-designed and HUGE. It also covers some older ANSI and ASCII scene art.
You might want to use Netscape 2.0 beta to get the full effect(Multiple frames are used on the site).

Allen Bukoff>

Also, please visit another new site of mine, "The Bathrooms of Madison
County"--a love story/documentary in seven quick web pages:>

Survival Research Laboratories:


Wax Web:

Rev. Nutting's Website:

The Schwa Corporate Domain
In a storm of competing viewpoints, when information is falling like rain, you can find shelter. The Schwa Corporate Domain is your weather forecast. Updated monthly, we provide all the images, stories and slogans you'll need, without letting the facts slow things down. Where others shape opinion under the pretense of uncovering the truth, Schwa shapes the truth under the pretense of uncovering opinion. We are the only source of symbolism you will ever need.
You can relax. Make "" the first bookmark in your web browser. You can find shelter. You should be feeling dryer already.

"Art in the Public Interest" -- High Performance:

DemonScreensavers: (various WEIRD PAINTINGS, etc.)


Heavy Water:

ACID Productions:


in the Quick Time VR format, downloadable from

And these bizarre little things work TOO! Well, it's not like you can "fly" through a real-time 3-D animated world. It's more like you stand in one place and look at a WEIRDLY DISPLAYED 3-D-ish place by swiveling all around, looking up and down, "zooming" in and out, etc. The samples I downloaded included photographed real places, nature spots mainly, as well as entirely virtual fantasy landscapes and building interiors. You get a 360 degree view plus some up and down. It's not MERELY like you're seeing a 360 degree photo that's wrapped in a circle around you facing inwards. It's more 3-D-like than that, and it's RASTERY in the TRIPPIEST WAY!! The scene is very wide-angle-distorted (if you want it to be) and imbued with rich uber-colors, so it's reminiscent of that time you did the mescaline AND the speed and were REALLY sorry, but for awhile everything did sorta look like an album cover.

It runs on a 5-megs-a-ram Performa but not on my old early Mac LC model. KICKS EYEBALL on the Power Mac.

Would somebody like to render the virtual Dobbstown in KPT BRYCE?

Here are some web sites for more advanced forms of Web VR (they don't have Mac players yet):


This section of Rev. Camangin's new web site has a convenient collection of VR oriented links:

Fractal Pictures and Animations:
They have fractal movies too, if you don't mind downloading gig-sized files.

Virtual Worlds FTP site:

VREAM Web-VR program:


"An attempt to create a 3-D virtual world for people to wander around in and annoy one another. It has "avatars", meaning you get to pick and choose your "appearance" from a collection of images."

Fractal Explorer:

All this cool cheezy gimmickry is changing by the DAY so by the time you read this, you may be chuckling that poor old Stang doesn't even know about the 3D color hologram movies in scent-o-vision that come OUT of the screen, mix drinks for you, and clean up the room.

The VMPEG1.7 viewer, which combines .wav sound & MPEG video, and thus is good for playing the SubGenius videos on this website, is downloadable at:
The older version 1.6 viewer did not provide INSTANT multimediafaction. On fast machines (Pentiums or so), there's an easy way to fix lip-sync: just turn OFF the synch feature and play video at a flat 30 fps... apparently the video actually gets slowed down more when it's in synch mode, and so it falls behind.


Pure Art:

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