POINDEXTER shot a POIGNANT 360 degree collaged force-photo which allows the viewer to scroll in a huge monitor circle around the fabled SubGenius campground in rural NY, Brushwood, where was held the main X-Day Drills and festival... and ONE more to come.

His crude pan-scan was never meant to be turned into a QTVR file (you have to use a special lens for that) BUT I DID IT ANYWAY! And it doesn't really work the way the fake QTVR 3d stuff does. But BOY HOWDY, you can ROTATE YOUR PERISCOPE around in it NONETHELESS!

And if you truly BELIEVE, you can see those naked pagan and SubGenius bizarros DANCING, even in this other-than-rotationally-frozen scene.

You DO have to have the QuickTime plug-in for these to work in your browser, but I'm sure you have that covered.

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