Subject: Best Thing about X-Day: A NEW QUIJIBO!

From: "Rev. Ivan Stang" <>

Last night, even before saying my prayers, I read through the new
QUIJIBO that Rev. Chris Lee premiered at 11X-Day. GOOD LORD, MAN!
Chris has outdone himself on this one. There are more girly pics than
in almost any other issues (granted, these are mostly in large ADS for
Quijibo), and Susie the Floozy is the Page 3 Girl. There are also
words that can be read! These words cover many important subjects such
as DragonCon, 10X-Day, THE SUBGENIUS POPES OF THE WORLD (with a photo-
map!), Pope Black's bitching and griping about how hard it is to run a
devival when you're not a complete drunk anymore (You Poor, Poor
Thing!), the Baltimore and Seattle devivals, and our Frop Cup trip of
'07 in Amsterdam.

It is all extremely sarcastic!

Any TWO issues are only $5 plus $2 postage!!!

Quijibo Cartel
18 W. Main, Suite X,
Greenfield, IN 46140

And it has a Dharma Initiative cover!

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