Rev. Egg Plant's X-Day XI after action report

From: Rev Egg Plant <>
Date: Wed, Jul 9, 2008 6:43 PM

Rev. Back It On Up 13 wrote:
> I have about 250 pictures of varying quality and a wide assortment of
> people I barely even got to speak to. Frop/Dec said we should send
> you a disc, but if you already have thousands, I won't add to the
> pile. Unless you WANT a picture of yourself with a mouthful of creamy
> gravy.
> Mmm. Gravy.

I dropped off the three cameras that I brought along. Unfortunately, I
don't think I took enough photos that weekend. I did get some doozies,
though. I'm also in the middle of composing my own post-X-day debrief,
but man, I gotta do some editing, it's getting too fucking long and too
hard to keep all the details straight.

Maybe I should keep it short and just say,


Even though it was wet, it was a great time. I fropped with *ALL* the
doktors. I served coffee to half the camp. Leonard served coffee to the
other half. I didn't get too sunburned at all, praise "Bob" for
sunblock. I cut short a full blown domestic dispute. I tripped balls
while watching some guy take glow sticks up his ass. I watched a
campsite full of people suddenly disappear after a couple of them
accidentally destroyed my picnic table. I saw some of the best damned
bands ever. I met so many SubGenii I can hardly keep them all straight.
I helped set up and organize the stage. I disappeared and kept to the
service of my lovely wife, my offspring, and my brethren and sistern
SubGenii. I cooked some mean assed barbecue chicken legs and hotdogs and
bacon and eggs. I sat and admired the beauty that surrounded us at
Brushwood. I shopped WalMart with Dr. Legume. I can hardly keep all the
events sorted out. I got a crush on the most beautiful Connieite Stang
replacement, confessed it to all affected, and still lived. I
fake-fucked a goat -- several times. Others got photos. I got
surprisingly horny around Rev Ennie. I distributed aliens to all and
sundry. I drank scotch whiskey with Fat Free. I got what seemed like a
thousand photos of a very drunk Mormon, an almost Dobbsleganger who
showed up to Chris Lee's liquid frop tasting party. I admired the stars,
which are so dim here in the city. I ate hardy at the Blue Lady courtesy
of the fine chef, Rev Turtle. I didn't go for a walk in the woods, and
I'm kind of sad about that. I got "Bob"tised and saw all the lovely
ladies starkers. I inspired the smartest SubGenius. I accompanied a
funeral procession. I watched and saluted fireworks that carried a great
man's remains to their final resting place at the finest piece of
property this side of Dobbstown.

Shit, man. All of you clowns who couldn't make it, boy did you miss out.

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