Names and faces

From: "Rev. Back It On Up 13" <>

On Jul 11, 5:56 pm, Rev Egg Plant wrote:
> Rev. Ivan Stang wrote:
> > On Jul 10, 10:06 pm, Popess Pantiara Evokovitch
> > wrote:
> >> On Jul 10, 3:46 pm, Pisces wrote:
> >>> Mental mix ups resolved.
> >>> I had Feit Taj, cyclohexane, ourobourus rex and Pandemonium mixed up.
> >>> I got yall straight now, and I still dont know how I had yall mixed
> >>> up.
> >>> I had teeters la verge's face assigned to an unknown name and the
> >>> wrong personality, it is corrected.
> >>> I just this moment forgot the name of the kid who looks like my
> >>> brother . He is from austin and had the cool yeti snocone shirt. But
> >>> he knows who he is and rocks.
> >>> I totally forgot the name of Sinisters Hawt Chick.
> >>> I also forgot the name of Tangents Hawt Chick.
> >>> I belive it was CopyBob and his HAWT chick who i talked with about the
> >>> church and yeti love when i was hiding on the darkened stage one
> >>> night. I thought you rocked too.
> >>> To meet Pope Phred in person was awesome.
> >>> I totally forget the names of all the HAWT chicks that came with the
> >>> aminos, but i think they were all taken by the aminos themselves. I
> >>> dont fuck with alien's Girlfreinds.

> >> Tangent's hawt chick is named Cait... I think she picked her SubGenius
> >> name to be Dammit Janet.

> > During the Bobtism, Legume was so very kindly to me. He physically
> > picked up her entire naked luscious body and held it out to me where I
> > could examine it closely. NGOGNGOGNGOGN. I tried to be polite and do
> > my visual examination quickly. But I had my eye-brain on "record," you
> > can be sure.
> > Tangent is a SEX GOD!
> > Next, let's get to work on Rev. Angie.
> I was so very sneaky about going for our bath that morning with K-Ren.
> She had no idea that the bobtism would take place. She's a good sport,
> but still shy about showing off. Oh, and sorry to anyone who had to
> stare at my package.- Hide quoted text -
> - Show quoted text -

I saw your package, Egg Plant.

I saw so many, many packages.

One of my favorite pictures from this year is of me sitting on a
barrell with a totally naked guy standing right behind me, staring off
into space. It is a work of art.

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