Subject: Thanks from Fat Free to all the Subgs at Xday!

From: zombear69 <>

Great set, tight performance and energetic audience.

..quite simplyS we had an awesome time!

Thanks to all that made us feel welcome. Pisces, 2B, JoyDevive,
Modemac and the whole lot of you whose names we cant remember..

Additional thanks to Angry Larry and Scotty of the Amino Acids... you
guys rock!

And of course, Stang and Wei.

If you have any pics, (or video/audio) contact so
we can (ab)use it.

We look forward to passing out whiskey with everyone in Baltimore and
at XD '09.

Time for our blatant money grabbing section:
For those who didnt grab one (and yes, we DO have a 2XL.. Foof didnt
know it was actually on the hangar) leftovers will be 'converted' for
the Baltimore Devival in November:

And for next time we ask for help/volunteers, Instead of chriStupid
singing random babble, we'll have a lyric sheets waiting for you.. :p

For those who wait for Bob, we salute you!!

love & duck enemas,
Zombear, Foof, chriStupid
Fat Free


Subject: Re: Thanks from Fat Free to all the Subgs at Xday!
From: Zapanaz <>

he doesn't hate the Church of the SubGenius and want us to be smashed

I'm scared of this one.

International Satanic Conspiracy
Customer Support Specialist
>i never once claimed i wasn't a gibbering loon

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