XDay Report of Professor Pressure and Saint Joyce

From: "Professor Pressure" <Ha@haha.com>

Many go to XDay for the event, St. Joyce and I go to BE an event. To that
end, we were successful.

The food flowed in great abundance and all was well prepared and of good
quality. I do have to admit though that this year it was like walking
through mud to get everything out. While we did get slack from the
preparations, this year is just wasn't the dance that it has been in years
past. It was work.

We did realize a few things though this year. In an highly mobile
environment, if you stay in the same place long enough, everyone will
eventually come to you. This was a good thing for us and we had a steady
stream of some of the finest SubGenius the organization has to offer. I
opted to stay quite sober this year and as a result found that I was very
alert and sharp. I found that I was very relaxed and speaking to be quite
comfortable. I can actually be a bit shy and was happy to discover that I
wasn't having any difficulty with fumbling my words as I will often do
around people I admire (as many of you I do). The pressure was off and I
was, for the most part, just visiting with old friends. One of the real
highlights was seeing Revs Jim and John and again combining our camps.
They've not been for the last few years and seeing them again was most
excellent. I could go on and make a list of folk who we were also
exceptionally glad to see but for fear that I'd forget someone I'll simply
leave it that it was good to see everyone.

We also titled this XDay "The Year We Got Old". We saw signs of it
everywhere. Many of us old silverbacks are actually becoming silverbacks.
There was a lot more grey this year than I've ever seen. Many of us were
experiencing various aches and pains. Most of the folks I'd mentioned this
observation to agreed that it would seem that we are indeed 10 years older
than we were in 1998 (facts being facts). Many of us who have certain
"ritual clothing" (for me it's my old sleeveless Army shirt) have now begun
putting these items away and only bringing them forth for events such as
this. These articles are starting to look very worn and delicate, frail and
tattered but with a definate story to tell. I don't mention this though as
a bad thing. Age and marriage are those things that the media always tells
us are things that we should dread. Age brings ailments and decrepitude
they tell us and marriage is the "old ball and chain". It is easier to
state these things in simple and mindless terms than the actual complex
realities. I for one am both happily married and happily aging. Let the
conspiracy stick that one in its collective ass.

Seeing everyone aside, the best part of this XDay was the trip to and from
Brushwood. St. Joyce and I enjoyed each others company immensely. We set
our vehicles navigation system and trusted it as it took us down scenic dirt
roads with precipitous drops down rocky mountainsides. We stopped when we
felt like it and simply surfed the luck plane which led us to some truly
excellent eating establishments and road-side weirdness. We saw signs for
"Jesus Power Explosion", "Honk for Bait" and a young girl running down the
road wearing a T-Shirt that identified her as a member of the "Beaver Club".
Sunday, slightly more than half-way home, we stopped in one of our favorite
little towns in Pennsylvania, checked in to a nice hotel and slept the sleep
of the dead.

I have been cooking and cleaning all day today. The eggs Codini gave us
have been turned into 4 quiches that now sit on my stove cooling. The ham,
peas and onions that we brought along that didn't get eaten have been added
to a cheese sauce, layered over tortellini and is now sitting in my freezer,
soon to be vacuum sealed in preparation for a Winter that I know is coming.
The quiche we made will join them in the freezer and eating them later this
year will remind us of XDay. The camping gear is stowed, the field kitchen
cleaned and put away. Things are returning to normalish.

As always, I'd like to thank Rev. Stang and the organizers of this event.
You are all superior mutants.

Respectfully Submitted,

Professor Pontius Pressure and Saint Joyce

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