Subject: XDay security, a final report

From: Leonard The Committed <>

It was a rather slow X-Day security wise. As always, people did their own
thing and although they may have pissed off at someone else having THIER
version of a good time, nobody was injured. Well, I guess ONE person was
injured in an altercation involving an open Car window and an
amplification device, but this was soon quelled by the ever vigilant
efforts of Priestess Pisces.

There was this guy who was bitchin out the 'ole lady, but I know better
than to walk in on a domestic dispute. When the smoke cleared I
congratulated him, as he will now be guilt tripped into whatever the
better half wants as she reminds him of that fateful afternoon, for a
period of no less than 6 months.

Dr Legume did a great job on the Zombie party and the blood of Chas is
the smoothest post-mortem I've ever drank. Dude musta are a lot of fruit
before he kicked over. I'd have handled he glow ropes up the ass thing
differently. There should have been about two feet of wood sticking out
that bung, then we could have fashioned the glow ropes into loops and
played ring toss. Still tho, it was an amazing site to behold, like a
nuke plant worker eating some authentic Taco's and having projectile

The Stock was a hit, and was habited by no other than â*,Bobâ*^ himself for
the majority of the event. Stuck him there at the entrance with a sign
that said â*,Remember to register for X-Dayâ*^ The Stock made a good holding
device as we cut off a bobbies head for use as a launching projectile in
the absence of any world class golfers. The machete was ditched in the
Frog Pond (maybe I shouldn't have said that)

The â*,Why NOT a Goatâ*^ concept seemed to go over well. Although the plan
and materials where supplied by me, it was no-one other than Suzi the
Floozy that made that idea into a reality! Had to miss most of the stage
show on Saturday, as I needed to slapp before I had to be out early in
the AM Sunday to get away before they came to get me and place me in a
more â*,structuredâ*^ environment. The Goat and the Stock will now be
property of Club Tiki Bonzai, and really wish I had the funds to have
stayed for Starwood. Dr Legume said he has â*,plansâ*^ for them.

There was only ONE Bear there this year that had to be slaughtered, and
only 3 SubG's died in the attack. This is better odds than we've seen in
past years, and really tilts the stats due to the higher attendance.
Raccoon reports where also down, but that could be due to a Rabies
induced die off of the local population. I'm only aware of 6 people
having to get 22 shots through the solar plexus to get rid of that nasty
condition. Although the Hot Tub looked like Eggdrop Soup by 2am Sunday,
only 4 people came down with un-treatable skin conditions.

All in all it was one of the best XDays of the past several. Kudos go out
to Modemac and the other Subg's who helped promote XDday to a new group
of suckers. It was great to meet some new faces that I can now now
picture while reading alt.slack posts and IRC.

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