14X-DAY 2011

Special Awards from "Bob" via Rev. Teeters LeVerge:

These were hand-lettered by Dr. Hal on very fancy certificates, which each came with a Dobbsheaded Cheap Plastic
Chinese Fountain Pen. Each certificate reads:

"The 53 Annual Cheap Plastic Chinese Fountain Pen Award for Excellence in the Field of Dissemination of Dobbsian Propaganda"

"By the Will O' Dobbs Has Dutifully Been Presented to:"

((Dr. Hal-inscribed name of recipient):

Rev. Ivan Stang

Priestess Pisces

Princess Wei 'R.' Doe

Dr. Hal

Dr. K'taden Legume

Dr. Philo Drummond

Rev. Wilhelm Stahlhelm

Rev. Susie the Floozie (also Most Stalked)

Popess Pantiara Evokavitch

Rev. Frodis "Suds" Pshaw


(To save typing-finger I'm gonna drop the "Rev." from most of these names)

Stick: Most Kick-Ass Bass Playing

Tao Jones: Best New Poster on ScrubGenius

IMBJR: Best Kook Troller

Zapanaz: Best Kook Basher ("Slap of the Nenslo Award")

Tater: Best alt.slack-Replacer

Teeters LeVerge: Best "Bob" Story

Ankara: Most IRC-some

Elliott: Special Sound Award

Dr. Dark: Best Heckler

Feit C. Taj: Best Taste in Movies


Phat ManDee: Best Lungs

Tommy Amoeba: More DEVO than DEVO

Fat Free: Best Overcomers of NHGH

Duke of Uke: Most Slackspirational

Andrew the Impaled: Most Self-Wounded

Scotty (Senator Speck) and Janelle: Best Coffee and Drums

Skum: Most Spry and Alert

0-DFX: Spazziest

Evolution Control Committee: Latest X-Day Drill Must-Have

Papa Joe Mama: Best Return to X-Day

Jannus Blackseed: Auctioneer General

Harry Johnson: Most Wrecked Fingers, Voice & Consideration for Others

Ministry of Slack: Best Weekly Podcast

Slanderbob: Best Constant Podcast

Two Beans: Best Whatever-That-Kind-of-Music-is-Called

Ennie and Rev. V: Sacred Griddle Award

Cult of Zir: Coolest Name

Boron Nuzzle: Best CD Packaging

Dr. Sinister: 2nd Most Erudite

Steve Scynic: Best Encourager

Pater and Petal Nostril: Best Vibes

GFY Clench: Best Devival

Thatan: Best Costume

Christopher Lee and Zute: Coolest

Jimbo de Limbo: Most Dependable (not an insult!)

Ana Dynamite: Registrar General

Amino Acids/Dok Frop/Sister Decadence: Most Missed

Too Numerous to Mention: Least Missed

Lonesome Cowboy Dave: Most Conspicuous Absence

Chain Smerker: Best Liar

Too Numerous to Mention: Most Butthurt

Nickie & Bob Deathchick/Wild: Best Swaggarts

F. LeMur: Most Sudden Vanishing since nu-monet

DJ Shaver: Best Taste in Tastelessness

Uncle Dr. Onan Canobite: Man Behind the Curtain

The Ed Strange Pulpit: Oldest Furniture

Phister Gagghol: Best Camera-Lending

Hazel of the Windmills: Best Sitar and Jungle Girl bathing suit

Puzzling Evidence: Most Puzzling/ YouTube Archivist

The Large: Best New Hour of Slack contributor

D. Lister/ Rev. Faux / Rev. Purge: Bursars General

Richard Skull: Skull of the Yeti Award

Rev. Pockets: Sodality of the White Glove of Connie

808 & Gigglepuss: Best Daisy Chain Starters

Too Numerous to Mention: Best Ragequit

Dr. Lobotomy: Least Visible at X-Day

Just John: Fuck 'Em If They Can't Take a Joke Award

Eggplant & Karen/Nigel & Joy: Friendliest Faces

Organbeard/Catfeather: Best Audience Participation

Giant Eel film crew: Most Potentially Helpful project

Rev. Go Fuck Yourself: Go Fuck Yourself for Missing It

Pantiara Evokavitch: Too Sweet to Mention

Rev. 80: Piscean Stalker

Rev. Heathen: Chickenhead (for serving chicken!)

Best Bloody Devival Prop: Sinphaltimus Exmortis

Rev. Susie the Floozie: Lawanda Page Award

Lotrimin Spray Powder: Best Nutsack Spray

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