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Friday: Howdy all
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Friday: Was it something I said?
skullY: Maybe you need a breath mint?
Friday: Or a brain mint
nu-monet: So, this is all that's left of the Church, huh?
Friday: Guess the bombing run was successful
Friday: Nuncio - Are you a bot?
nuncio: - Are you a second opportunity to receive it electronically
nu-monet: Friday: *I* wouldn't know anything about that, Miss Napalm.
Friday: NU-Monet - Of course you don't, Creator of Destruction
Friday: Am I a second opportunity to recieve it electronically?
nu-monet: If *I* had done something, it would have *at least* been on the 11 O'Clock News.
Friday: Maybe the Conspiracy is suppressing it!
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nu-monet: Give them to Friday. She knows what she is doing.
Friday: Skully - Were you at XD4?
NedWreck: hey
Friday: Hey NedWreck
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skullY: Friday: Nope. :=/
Friday: Nu-Monet - Any plans for fall devivals?
nu-monet: Friday: XD4 in Arizona sucked eggs.
Friday: Nu-Monet - Was that the Area 51 gathering?
nu-monet: Crawford and Co. went to Picacho Peak.
nu-monet: I went to a water park and got sunburned.
Friday: NU-Monet - Are you going on Dobbs' Long March?
nu-monet: As in?
nu-monet: Does it involve work?
Friday: Oh "Bob" yes SUNBURN! My eye sockets are raw, my lips bleed and my feet blister. Even though I went veiled all of Friday.
NedWreck: when is that?
nu-monet: Friday: Just tell 'em it was the backblast from the "ships".
Friday: Nu-Monet - Dobbs' Long March is the West Coast X-Day equivalent - ask P-Lil for information. Campout, nudity, cabins, music, bonfire - September.
NedWreck: rats
nu-monet: Friday: First I've heard. End of July I am going up to Flagstaff with a select few.
NedWreck: I'll be in redmond, oregon on the 19th of july
Friday: Dobbs' Long March - Fri-Sun, Sept. 14-16 2001--Camp Long, West Seattle
Friday: Email for details!
nu-monet: But September sounds rippin'. I will check it out.
Friday: Nu-Monet - Spread the word! I'm hoping that we can synchronize dates and have a simultaneous East/West Coast XDay
nu-monet: I spent some time in SeaTac--Ft. Lewis.
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Friday: Jack ChiChiChiChic?
NedWreck: hahahahahah
Friday: XD4 was sorely hampered by the lack of GGG and Papa Joe. We missed them.
nu-monet: I know some underground SGs who live in Lemuria but have never rubbed elbows.
Friday: Great parties, though I never got an electric peanut butter sandwich.
Friday: Nu-Monet - Because they live underground?
Friday: Anyone got a status update on GGG?
nu-monet: Used to be in the clench. Synonymous with wants and warrants.
Friday: ChiChi - Praise "Bob"!
ChiChiChiC: Hail Connie
NedWreck: somebody's got to hund down the aluminum nazi hell creatures
nu-monet: I don't know why it is, but Phoenix Clench members just keep getting arrested.
NedWreck: hunt
Friday: I think we need to do more to ATTRACT the saucers next year - like skylights.
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Totenkopf: hey all
NedWreck: lazers
Friday: Nu-Monet - And Boston devivals keep getting police attending
NedWreck: big honking lazers
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Friday: Totenkopf, hello
nu-monet: Oh, for GREAT Nazi Inner-Earth Gorillas, check out the new Planet of the Apes website!
NedWreck: sign them up
Friday: Stinky! You survived! We heard you were all dead!
Stang: MADE IT!! Well, back to Cleveland anyway, if not Planet X.
Friday: Damn saucers late AGAIN
Totenkopf: hello Friday
nu-monet: Is that the REAL Stang, or just another REPLICANT Stang?
Friday: Is it Stang2, left behind in post-X-Day chaos to taunt the unsaved?
NedWreck: what's yer serial number, MISTER?
Stang: Nu-monet -- I DID get the videotapes in time but somehow they never got auctioned, because I have all but one again!
Friday: Where's yer bra code tattoo?
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nu-monet: We figgered the CON had waxed ya'll
IvanStang: Friday, did you guys leave early or something?
Friday: I meant bar code, but bra code is good too!
Totenkopf: hey virgilcaine are you awake
Totenkopf: ?
NedWreck: that doesn't sway me, LET'S SEE SOME I.D., mister!
Friday: Stang - No, I'm posting from my laptop in the back field. Didin't you see me?
nu-monet: Stang: Do as thou wilt with them videos. Enjoy.
Friday: Virgil hasn't said a peep since I got here
IvanStang: There was a blinding flash of light at 7 am July 5, but then nothing happened besides a lot of partying and some of the BEST ranting and music YET at ANY SubG show.
Totenkopf: hmmm, i've got to talk to him
Friday: Go into the light, children!
nu-monet: Stang: Blinding flash of light...sure it wasn't just another stroke?
Friday: Totenkopf - Try a private msg, see if he wakes up
Totenkopf: yeah
Friday: MAGNESIUM! That's what XD festivals need! FLARES!
IvanStang: Not only did no SubGeniuses get hurt this X-Day Dril, but unfortunately, no Pink Civilizations got hurt either.
nu-monet: HIGH EXPLOSIVE! That's what XD festivals need! HIGH EXPLOSIVES!
Friday: Burn DOBBS at 7 am!
NedWreck: that blinding flash of light may have been Legume whacking you with a brick
Friday offers to show Stang her flayed hide
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nu-monet: Naw, a stroke, I tellya
Friday: Bye you silly bot
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Friday strokes Stang
Friday: Oh dear ...
virgilcain: I'm here I was puzzling over a problem with my newsreader
nu-monet: nunci0 is a bot. Do not feed it or give it ops.
Totenkopf: have mary magdalen or JC been here today ?
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Totenkopf: i need to speak to one of them as well
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Friday: Totenkopf - They're probably still in transit
Totenkopf: thx virgil
IvanStang: Dobbs showed up about 7:15 but was hung from the neck until erect by the crowd... he hung there auto-erotically asphyxiating, sporting a giant hard-on, all day, until late at night someone cut him down and kidnapped the body -- leaving the DICK!
Friday: How much did you sell the dick for, Stang?
Totenkopf: hey virgil i've got a bit of a problem
nu-monet: That's the last piece you would think they'd leave
NedWreck: it'l grow back, it always does
virgilcain: wassup?
IvanStang: Last night the body of Dobbs appeared in the Pavillion again, but we suspect that it's booby trapped... I left it at Brushwood with Pater Nostril and the local dentist, for an autopsy.
Friday: That dick WAS Dobbs, in disguise!
Totenkopf: while upgrading i fried my former hdd
Totenkopf: and lost all those files you sent me
*** Signoff: nunci0 (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
virgilcain: damn, I no longer have them
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Friday: Some nuns just don't get Dobbs
Totenkopf: on the plus side i'm on mighty 56k dial-up now
Totenkopf: damn
Friday: Stang - How's the cable modem treating you?
Totenkopf: and i got a 15 gig hdd for free
nu-monet: Stang: Oh, BTW, are you interested in some high-speed sites?
virgilcain: if you were to follow the newsgroup alt.binaries.ebook you could probably get them again
IvanStang: The Lord, Magdalen, Dok Frop and Sister Decadence and numerous other SubGenii, the Volkerdings I think maybe, are still at Brushwood dealing with the autopsy reports and generally getting MORE Slack.
Totenkopf: hmmm, i'll look into that
IvanStang: I had been HOPING for a MWOWM modem by this time.
Friday gets her mortar rounds targeted
virgilcain: also check #bookz and #bookwarez on undernet
nu-monet: Stang: You MUST check out the Planet of the Apes site!
IvanStang: But I guess this cable modem is second best next to an Escap VEssel, if I'm to be stuck on this dirt ball another year.
Totenkopf: now i'm just happy i finished my exams with a grade of 9.26 out of 10
Friday: I don't like that the girl apes in the new Apes remake pluck their eyebrows. It makes them look too human
IvanStang: Actually, if we could make every day like X Day Drills at Brushwood, we wouldn't NEED to Escape!
merkle: Actually, if we found the file
nu-monet: Stang: Even with a cable modem, the TRAILER takes about 15 minutes to load!
merkle: Stang: Even with a missing leaf..
IvanStang: Nu-monet -- I did about a month ago.
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Friday: Stang - So was it prophit or loss this year?
NedWreck: they should pluck their chests as well
nu-monet: Aw heck.
nu-monet: Shoulda guessed.
Friday: Ned - HELL no! Next you'll be saying they should shave all over and look like humans! Gross!
nunc1o: Gross! Monkies with no fur!
nu-monet: And NO human-ape sex.
Totenkopf: and i got 10/10 in physics - i'm probably einstein's long lost grandson <g>
Friday: Nunc - Is that really you!
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IvanStang: This was by far the most Slackful and lucrative Drill yet. Soon, maybe next year, we can move up to the REAL Kool Aid.
nunc1o: Yes.
NedWreck: ok, no plucking.
virgilcain: anybody have any idea why I have 1.5G .dat file in my Agent directory?
Friday: Nunc - There was a bot in here earlier imitating you
nunc1o: It was a script I was running.
merkle: It was
Friday: Nunc - Why?
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RevBro-VT: Stankie, what did they do to you this year?
TwoBeansAway has SLACK
IvanStang: I HOPE that right now, the remaining SubGenii are groping in Oobleck -- we had the tub and the porn starch, boxes of it, but we never got around to it by this morning.
nunc1o: Just messing around with text-learning algorithms.
nunc1o: It's turned off now.
Friday: Ivan - Electric or analgesic?
Totenkopf: virgil no, but move it to another dir. and see which program screams
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IvanStang: Two Beans made it back!
Totenkopf: hey TwoBeans
TwoBeans: PRABOB!
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IvanStang: Two Beans is now Jesus's former shordurbroter-in-law.
Friday: 2B!
TwoBeans: Anyone wanna talk to superkate?
IvanStang: THEA made it back alive!!!
^Thea^: Yup!
IvanStang: X-DAY FIVE -- NONE LEFT ALIVE! Wei came up with that slogan.
^Thea^: Drenced in Slack.
Friday: Nunc - Or make a bot that spouts SubG propaganda instead
IvanStang: SUPERKATE made it back alive!!
*** TwoBeans is now known as superkate
NedWreck: works for me
nu-monet: And wearing black
IvanStang: Was that the MOST Slackful Drill or WHAT??!?
superkate: I'm halfway back.
nunc1o: That's essentially what I was trying to teach it to do.
Friday: I prefer X-DAY 5 - TRY TO STAY ALIVE
nunc1o: By listening to actual SubG.
nu-monet: Nikes and chocolate pudding
IvanStang: Lil and El Diablo are downstairs snoozing on my couches.
^Thea^: OhMyGod. That was the BEST Brushwood festival I have ever been too.
superkate: And I just realized on my way back that I forgot my AWESOME connieite shirt down at the pavilion sometime yesterday
nunc1o: Also, I wrote routines so it can read itself books.
Friday: Nunc - Well, it isn't working yet - and it spits out entire paragraphs. A sentence is enough.
nu-monet: Koolaide and Koffee
IvanStang: Superkate -- Lil has 4 of those left.
^Thea^: The Rev. Dr. BigBoy had a great time too.
superkate: stang-- send hugs around to everyone for me. Ramen and the road await.
merkle: stang-- send hugs around to everyone for me.
superkate: I love you all!
*** superkate is now known as TwoBeans
IvanStang: I have to say, this one had the most consistently EXCELLENT ranting AND music. There was practically NO lameness.
NedWreck: i was teaching nasty jokes to merkle yesterday
TwoBeans: And I "love" you all as well....
^Thea^: ESO kicked ass Friday
Friday: In a "loving" sense
Friday: Ouch!
IvanStang: A whole lot of people who made tentative stabs at preaching in 2000, really delivered BANG-UP rants this year.
TwoBeans: The secret to a perfect X-Day: DON'T DO SHIT.
RevBro-VT: Did El Diablo get Legume again this year? The only person that Legume acknowledges scared him last year...
Friday rubs her sore ass
TwoBeans: brb
NedWreck repeated bangs his head into his desk
IvanStang: VT -- no, this time I intercepted Legume's dose. But it takes elephant sized doses to affect me at all.
^Thea^: I swear to god I have been living in the woods since tuesday and nary a bug bite. I get back to the city and get attacked by UberMosquito.
IvanStang: I stuffed a bunch of the el Diablo spore frop up my exit wound last night and Wei and I went CREEPING AROUND THER CAMPGROUND spying on people.
*** Mode change "+o ^Thea^" on #subgenius by Friday
Friday: Stang - Gosh, what fun
IvanStang: I overheard Susie the Floozie say from the hot tub, "Say, do you smell something kind of STANGY?"
IvanStang: I even spied on Philo.
^Thea^: Susie has amazing powers.
IvanStang: And Philo taught me how to creep in campgrounds.
NedWreck: must be that third nostril
RevBro-VT: Stang was the fly in the shite at Brushwood...
IvanStang: Well, I didn't want to go to the giant party sites where everybody was drinking heavily... creeping in the silence and dark was more Slackful for some reason.
nu-monet: That could be like skulking around a Vietnam vet flashback seminar.
nu-monet: Could backfire.
RevBro-VT: Susie perceives reality different than even most Subs...
IvanStang: Legume was Mister Peaceable this year... just a happy Buddha Bartender.
^Thea^: Legume makes a tasty Margeurita
RevBro-VT: He didn't set himself on fire so everyone would just get along?
nu-monet: I am slowly turning green with jealosy. AZ was just hot and nasty.
NedWreck: so was MS
IvanStang: There was a noticeable LACK of tension this time. We weren't even TRYING to provide any "schedule" of "entertainment" and it was more entertaining than ever before. I voluntarily ran video camera all Saturday night.
RevBro-VT: FL was hot, humid, and had thunder and lightning...
Friday: GREAT thunder and lighting at Brushwood!
Totenkopf: hey do any of you guys now a guy who looks a lot like Legume, but with a few white power tatoos on him ?
^Thea^: We had cold nights but it was a good trade off for the temperate days.
nu-monet: I am celebrating late. Heading up to Flagstaff at the end of the month. More UFOs there anyway.
NedWreck: but they're the wrong ones
RevBro-VT: Friday, we is the lightning capital of the US, edging out AZ every year...
nu-monet: Ned: Not if you plan to shoot at them.
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Friday: RevBro - July 4th had DANDY black thunderclouds and lightning
NedWreck: hahahahahaha
Friday: Jetrock!
Jetrock: so how was the zestiness this wednesday??
*** Signoff: TwoBeans (Ping timeout)
NedWreck: damn, that sounds like fun
Friday: I sold a Wednesday Addams bug porn video in the auction
IvanStang: Jetrock -- it was zesty as hell!
Jetrock: I provide my usual excuse for missing the fun--too busy slathering UBERKUNST in a thick layer over all of northern California.
RevBro-VT: Hey Stang, I read that the Roswell NM UFO Festival this year had as it's theme '2001 Space Odyssey'
nu-monet: If there are no UFOs to shoot at in Flagstaff, you can shoot at the black helicopters.
Jetrock: Like an eeevil mayonnaise!
IvanStang: It would have been one fuck of a lot zestier of Pipe face had pulled through, but apparently Dobbs spent the weekend dead drunk.
Jetrock: I can tell from the PSTENCH in here that it was HELL-ZEST indeed.
Friday: Boy, those Roswell folks think of things that nobody else EVER would!
IvanStang: VT -- aren;t they clever!
Jetrock: a real zesty zeitgeist.
nu-monet: Trouble is that the black helicopters shoot back.
virgilcain: Stang: Did GGG make it after all or was he really sick?
NedWreck: with rapid fire chainguns
nu-monet: And as you're haulin' ass out of there, you might trip over a porcupine.
Jetrock: The black helicopters CAN'T shoot back if they're EXPLODING IN BALL OF FLAME.
IvanStang: Virgil -- GGG had to have part of his mechanical pig heart replaced, yes.
nu-monet: Balls of flame are the last thing you want to deal with when you are that fried.
IvanStang: Virgilcaine -- do I know you?
Jetrock: My BALLS are on FIRE!
Friday: Stang - Will he be selling off the remnant or lending it to Cheney?
NedWreck: but, from a distance, i can't tell the black ones from the olive drab ones
Friday: We all know that Dobbs made GGG give up his metal nanotech heart to Cheney
virgilcain: yeah, maybe I go by crowif6was9 sometimes... I'm one of the thre alabama subgs
IvanStang: Jetrock -- I got your CD-R!! Hain't heard it yet though, been too busy dubbing CDs.
nu-monet: The black ones are skinnier, have no tail markings and are made in Mesa, AZ.
IvanStang: Virgil --oh right, ok.
Jetrock: IvanStang: Cool, but it's an actual CD, not a CD-R. Be sure to check out the videos: I made QuickTime versions so they'd be Mac-friendly.
nu-monet: I had a friend working an archeological dig near the aircraft plant. The pilots were standoffish, at best.
Friday: Stang - Are you going on Dobbs' Long March?
IvanStang: There were several Subs at XXXX-Day that I had never met before but had read on usenet or by email. "Illuminatrix" from alt.binaries.slack turns out to be this KILLER guitar player --- he jammed with Philo and Huey and Number Six, GREAT playing , a total surprise!
Jetrock: The archaeologists might turn up the ANCIENT MAYAN CARGO JETS!!
IvanStang: Jetrock -- thanks. Actully you don't need to worry about videos being Mac-friendly with me, I can play almost anything.
nu-monet: More like ancient Pueblo dung heaps.
Jetrock: "Copilot, set our altitude for 17-Dog 8-Jackal!"
virgilcain: cool, I'm already saving my pennies so I can make it net year
IvanStang: Friday -- I dunno! Depends on $$ totally.
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Jetrock: IvanStang: Yeah, yeah, I've seen the PHOTOS of you playing with some really HORRIFYING THINGS!
Jetrock: I touch myself when I view them.
Friday: Stang - You up for a Boston Devival in the fall?
IvanStang: I got Starwood in just one week and then Philo, Puzzling Evidence and Wei/I are going to Burning Man. St. Al is going too and some of the Or Kill Me radio guys.
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Friday: Jahweh!
IvanStang: Friday -- hell yeah! The Fall of Boston!
Friday: Sharpe!
Jahweh: word up
IvanStang: Bow Before Your God
Jahweh: long time no see
Jetrock: We spoke of doing this year's Burning Man but still too broke: but NEXT YEAR, there will be KUNST-KAMP!
Friday: Stang - I'll talk to Modemac and the clubs, then
*** Mode change "+oo Jahweh Jetrock" on #subgenius by NedWreck
*** Mode change "+o SirSharpe" on #subgenius by NedWreck
Jahweh: ugh, well, you know, i just kind of threw my back out..
^Thea^: I hope I can make it up for Starwood. Being at Brushwood felt so great I can't stand to wait long for another dose.
*** Signoff: nu-monet (Leaving)
RevBro-VT: Hey, if you haven't read about it yet... This year's Tampabay Devival will be better than Last year...
IvanStang: Thea -- imagine Pater Nostril, he's there for like 5 weeks!
Friday: RevBro - When is the Tampa Bay Devival?
IvanStang: Ya know, we might not have gotten on the saucers yet, but we sure have thrown some ESCAPE SAUCER LIKE PARTIES!
^Thea^: Lucky Bastard. I have considered asking Frank and Darlene for a job and knocking off for a summer and taking Becklin to live there.
IvanStang: My new house is almost like an Escape Vessel.
Jetrock: That's just IT. We can't get ON the saucer unless we're PRACTICED ENOUGH at the SACRED RECREATIONAL ARTS necessary for landing...
RevBro-VT: Date isn't set in stone, but September is expected time... We don't have the club tied down absolutely...
IvanStang: Jahweh -- you threw your back out in the garbage you say?
Jetrock: We're not SPACE-HIP enough to chill with the SUPER PARTY ALIENS.
^Thea^ wants Brushwwods hot tub installed on her escape vessel
Jahweh: well i threw my back like a discus
RevBro-VT: But Jewyl has the Beach House reserved...
Jahweh: but i got my angle wrong
Jahweh: and it zigged instead of zagged
IvanStang: Jetrock -- well, we're getting a LOT better at the RELAXING and SLACKING part. Jesus and Legume and I didn't do SHIT this X-Day, and EVERYBODY had a BETTER TIME!
Friday: RevBro - Remember, Dobbs' Long March is Fri-Sun, Sept. 14-16 2001--Camp Long, West Seattle
Jahweh: yeah, i'm very into the relaxing thing
IvanStang: I even got so laid back that I consumed ALCOHOL!! I ate about 10 of these little olives soaked in vodka -- the equivalent of a shot of vodka! Like a WHOLE DRINK! WHOOO boy!
Jetrock: ahhh yes. it's important to RELAX even if you're ORGANIZING the event. A few hours of non-panic are nice.
Friday: I may need to wear an abaya constantly for the next few days - I'm pretty badly blistered
Jetrock: woo woo! Vodka olives and 'frop!
Friday: Think people would buy abayas embroidered with the Dobbs Icon?
IvanStang: We did NO organizing. Everything got done anyway.
^Thea^: I know what you mean Stang. I never drink and I was knocking back margueritas like I did it all the time.
Jetrock: ivan: Are you sure you didn't sneak in just a LEEEEEDLE organizing?
Jahweh: if they knew what abayas were
NedWreck: i would, and i don't know what an abaya is
Friday: One of these decades I must investigate the allure of drinking rotten grain water, and rotten potato water. And bad aspirin.
Jetrock: I know how addicting organizing can be. I have to be careful that I don't try to organize OTHER PEOPLE'S events.
Friday: Abayas are the veil that Arab women wear, that covers their whoel face and just leaves a slit for the eyes.
IvanStang: Jetrock -- I think the most I did was write out the list of recipients for the Bobbie Awards. I did rant, but it was a true story of my childhood right off the top of my head.
NedWreck: basically, isn't alcohol just yeast excrement, anyway?
IvanStang: Lil WANTED to be the stage manager/MC so she did the tiny amount of control-freaking that was needed.
Friday: I don't think I'll ever be able to set dried leaves on fire and deliberately inhale the smoke, though. That's just ODD.
Jetrock: wow, really? write a list and rant? damn. that's just FIIIINE.
Jetrock: ahhh. the best cure for being a control freak is to get another control freak to do the job for you!
IvanStang: Jetrock -- I know that feeling well, that panic rush, but now I try to avoid it.
^Thea^: I'm kicking myself in the ass that I spent all my money before I saw the calendar. I would have loved to have one.
NedWreck: god, i hate summer
IvanStang: Friday -- smoking anything is certainly not healthy. But then, becoming a mass murderer due to Hate induced by non-froppage is even less healthy... until X-Day anyway.
Friday: I hate the saucers not arriving
Jetrock: so any fabulous highlights to share? I must admit I've been avoiding Usenet (I get SO MUCH WORK DONE when I don't read/post) so I've missed a lot of the event lists and initial reports...
IvanStang: Thea -- I think Sis Dec has more.
Friday: Stang - What drug would you recommend I consume? Besides semen, of course
^Thea^: I hope so.
Friday: Jetrock - I don't think there were any events lists
IvanStang: Friday -- SLEEP is the ULTIMATE drug, and FOOD is the close second.
IvanStang: You should try both!
Friday: Stang - I hate sleeping and I don't eat. Next?
Jahweh: Lil is really good at control-freaking
IvanStang: Try both at ONCE! We call that a "goofball."
Jahweh: Very emergentile
Friday: Stang - Or choking to death in your sleep.
Jetrock: ANTISLEEP is a nice drug sometimes.
Friday: Jetrock - I do that so often it has no effect on me.
IvanStang: Jetrock -- I am on antisleep right now.
Jetrock: The girl's a SUPER CONTROL FREAK!
IvanStang: I went to bed each night at about 5 and got up at 10.
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Friday: Lil looks great.
Friday: Chaos!
Jetrock: I've been trying to abstain from antisleep--but once in a while I get a jones.
^Thea^: Rev Dr BigBoy was up before 8am every morning and I usually lay down after morning birds started to sing.
ChaosIsrae: Mmm...looks like everyone's back from B'wood.....
Jetrock: ahhhh... well, nice talking, but my lovely bride has threatened to NOT beat me tonight if I don't get 'round to fixin' her some dinner... catch you on the flip-flop.
Jahweh: usenet is a blast sometimes
IvanStang: Oddly enough, we had a bigger turnout at 4XDay than last year's OR 1999. YET, the famous NEKKID BAPTISM was much smaller and featured very few gals. At lest Friday was there -- in only her abaya mask thing!
*** Signoff: Jetrock ()
Friday: I felt like there were more people there in 1999.
NedWreck: mmmmmmmmmm! Ironic home made chicken soup
^Thea^: I would have been there for the nekkid baptism but I was busy selling swag. I like being nekkid.
Friday: Bring waterproof swag poolside and sell it off a little rubber raft!
Friday: Remove raft from pool before the Whirlpool of Slack is formed, though
^Thea^: Hmmm perhaps that's what I'll do next year if my shift coincides with the baptism again.
Jahweh: one of these days i have to start traveling again
Friday: You could put the CD's into little plastic sandwich bags and Ziplock 'em shut.
Jahweh: i haven't really gone on a roadtrip since january 1999
NedWreck: did chrisli do anything special?
Jahweh: i'm becoming a homebody in my old age
^Thea^: I would use the Jesussaurus for my raft. That was second favorite bath house toy this year.
NedWreck: and the first is?
IvanStang: Oh, I should brag about the BACHELOR PARTY that Jesus set up for me... which I thought was a dumb idea... it was just an excuse for Him to smoke cigars and ogle. But basically he got a bunch of the babes there to STRIP or at least dance provocatively for me. If only I had both nuts...
^Thea^: Well the hot tub jets of course.
NedWreck: hahaheehee
Friday: Stang - I fonly I'd heard about it
Jahweh: wait
Jahweh: _both_ nuts?
Jahweh: you only had two?
Friday: If only I'd heard about it ...
IvanStang: Jahweh, when I was The First Bobbie, I tried to be like "Bob" by having a hernia operation. It navkfired.
IvanStang: BACKFIRED I mean.
Jahweh: oooooh
Friday: Nakedfired!
Jahweh: sorry to hear that
Jahweh: first bobbie
Jahweh: whatever happened to zach?
^Thea^: I think I will make deep fried bible a course at every dinner party I have from now on.
NedWreck: a bloomin' bible
IvanStang: I would still be there at Brushwood myself tonight, but I had to get Dr. Drummond to the airfield.
Friday: Stang - Why not drive back?
Friday: Stang - SCARE them all!
*** Mode change "+o ChaosIsrael" on #subgenius by Friday
ChaosIsrae: thanx, friday...
*** temujin9 ( has joined channel #subgenius
IvanStang: Temujin lived!
temujin9: Yep. Came back and INSTANTLY had CON crap to deal with, too.
*** Mode change "+o temujin9" on #subgenius by NedWreck
^Thea^: I couldn't believe how many peopel were there this morning when I emerged from the tent. Do you think that pagans just sprout out of the ground overnight like mushrooms?
NedWreck: out of cow patties
temujin9: Definately a connection, there
ChaosIsrae: Pagans, um...bud.
IvanStang: Dr. Mojo, the insane software designer that Legume and Chas Smith work for, declared war on "Bob" in the name of the Pink "Bob," some charlatan he props up like a false god.
^Thea^: Rev Toth injured Rev Dr BigBoy with the "Think Pink" frisbee.
IvanStang: Aside from Mojo's depraved rantings, there was little of the standard interchurch warfare.
temujin9: OTOH, pagan chicks seem to have the ETERNAL HOTS for us SubGenius men. I think at least four were trying to get me to stay...and I only slept with ONE of them.
Friday: Stang - What is the opening shot in the battle of Dr. Mojo? Besdies the rant?
Jahweh: one more reason for me to stay away from x-day
Jahweh: heh heh heh
Jahweh avoids pagan chicks like the plague
IvanStang: Jahweh -- you're smart, those pagan chicks are enchantresses who will rob you of your manly sensefulness.
temujin9: Jahweh - I was, and still am, a geek unimpressed with his ability to get any chick, pagan or otherwise.
Jahweh: heh heh heh
Friday: Pagan chicks grow up to be pagan chickens, and they taste all grungy
Jahweh: I'm CONSERVING MY SEMEN in a JAR to feed an ARMY OF GIANT ROBOTS based on my SPERM
^Thea^: I loved what Rev Bunny had to say about what chickens are REALLY saying.
Jahweh: seriously, I'm of JHVH-ian alignment
temujin9: To get chased by multiple women, to know that whether I stay or return I will be desired in the NASTY, PHYSICAL, PERVERTED SENSES of the word; that, my friends, is Slack
IvanStang: Totenkoff -- I don't think we have ANYBODY on the mailing list from Romania. Sorry.
Jahweh: pagans are the natural enemies of the sons of JHVH
Jahweh: I mean, do you think JESUS would sleep with a PA... oh, wait, he probably does
Jahweh: nevermind
IvanStang: This SubGenius world belongs to the Connietites... us men are just anachronisms these days, useless appendages probably soon to be extinctified by the matriarchy.
NedWreck: drones
Friday: Stang - We'll kill you with KINDNESS, though
Totenkopf: Stang-too bad...i thought there were a few over here, since i've started seeing dobbshead posters everywhere over here
temujin9: I ain't related to Jesus in ANY WAY. Stang may look like my pappy, but Jesus and I probably only connect back in the times of Alexander.
Jahweh: stang: you're just saying that because you don't like the mandatory tattoos they make us wear
^Thea^: Naw, you mutant men are too much fun to extictify. We'll keep you around.
ChaosIsrae: Heh. "Oh, yes, KILL ME!"
Totenkopf: no contact info, though
IvanStang: You should have seen that line of men (and women) getting their Connietite calendars signed. It was three times longer than any line for one of my booksignings.
IvanStang: "T and A" rule this crass commercial world.
*** magdalen ( has joined channel #SubGenius
ChaosIsrae: duh.
Friday: Next year we can brand the logo into folks, since it caught on
ChaosIsrae: Maggie!
temujin9: That's because you ain't got TITS. Talk to Lilith about options.
NedWreck: my mandatory tattoos were done by my good friend Linda
Jahweh: hey
Totenkopf: hi magdalen
Friday: Magdalen! You made it!
^Thea^: You don't have boobs as cute as Susie's and the rest Stang.
Jahweh: it's the reverse of AT*T
IvanStang: MAGDALEN!!! How is this possible! Are you on Frank Barney's machine?!?!?
*** magdalen is now known as Jesus
*** mzzDemon ( has joined channel #subgenius
mzzDemon: mk.
*** Mode change "+o Jesus" on #subgenius by temujin9
Jahweh: if this world is going to be ruled by anybody
Jesus: Hello This is Jesus from XDAY!
mzzDemon: where is lil?
Jahweh: it oughta be the reverse of the death star
Friday: MzzDemon - Lil is asleep
IvanStang: Are you drenched in Oobleck?
temujin9: FROM X-Day? What are you using?
mzzDemon: awww
Totenkopf: hey Jesus
Jesus: Now here's everyone else...
Jahweh: time control
Jahweh: obviously
Friday: Jesus is using TIME CONTROL to communicate from July 5th!
temujin9 missed the Oobleck
*** Jesus is now known as magdalen
magdalen: hi everybody!
Friday: Hi Mags
Jahweh: hello
IvanStang: Lord -- you must look in the trailer and see if our BATTERY CHARGER for 4 AA batteries for Wei's digital camera is PLUGGED INTO A WALL. A low wall outlet. MAKE A NOTE OF THIS!
*** magdalen is now known as mags
NedWreck: i have a couple of packs of freeze-dried oobleck left
mags: we're on the laptop in the studio
Friday: I hate losing battery chargers. I need to paint mine orange or something, so it doesn't just blend into the furniture
temujin9: Quick, Jesus - you need to find me on-site and tell me to get to the ranting Saturday night. I missed SO much the first time around.
IvanStang: Jesus -- on the table in our room, you MIGHT find a tiny mysterious bag.
mags: hang on, let me make the font bigger so everyone can read it
Friday: There's a small metal pipe hidden behind the sign on stage B Jesus - would you go and see who dropped it? It was sometime on the 4th
temujin9: Was it blue and black?
Totenkopf: hey mags i need your addy to send you those samples
temujin9: The pipe, I mean.
mags: oh ho!
Friday: Temujim - Red and gold
mags: well I'll tell you my addy later Totenkopf
temujin9: okay. I lost me blue and black one; no big deal, because I had that axe-bowl GIVEN to me...
Jahweh: np: the many moods of murry wilson
mags: my time is almost up
Friday: SubGenius totem slack pipe
Jahweh: come in #51
mags: here's modemac!
IvanStang: Mags -- there are sandwiches in the refrigerator in a blue bag which you can eat.
Friday: Eat just the blue bag, though - NOT the sandwiches
*** mags is now known as Modemac
Friday: Yo Mode, how's that fall Devival shaping up?
Modemac: We're all in the pavilion ha ving an orgy rightg now!
^Thea^: On that pebble floor?
IvanStang: God damn it, I knew they'd wait until the Old Man left.
Friday hands Modemac the frop-flavored lubricant
*Modemac* Everyone here is worried about you.
RevBro-VT: That's why Modemac's spelling is so bad...
--> Modemac Why?
Jahweh: need some flip-flops?
temujin9: Jahweh - done, done, and DONE. now that I have come all over an empty channel, what should I do?
*** Signoff: Totenkopf (Ping timeout)
Jahweh: temujin: ummmmm?
nunc1o: Clean up?
temujin9: #51? what was that?
Jahweh: oh, ok
Jahweh: i'm sorry
Jahweh: i meant "come in #51, your time is up"
^Thea^: I did the splits while doing a dance at the ESO show the other night and truely regretted it when I encountered the gravel.
IvanStang: As soon as "those old squares" (me and Philo) leave, they break out the orgy supplies. Hey, at least send me a video!
Jahweh: forget the video
Friday: Well it's getting late, time for met to go
Modemac: That, and I don't have my glasses right on right now.
Jahweh: i want the smell-o-vision version
Friday: Stang, want the log from before you came in? It's mostly a bot though
^Thea^: Night Friday.
temujin9: Actually, Stang, I think it was St. Marc's anti-fun field. You'll notice how sedate the strip-teases were at your party...
IvanStang: I am now starting to notice and feel the dozens of tiny cuts all over my hands from running around doing technical stuff around the stage.
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