Its a month after XXX-Day....

Its a month after XXX-Day.... and all through my head, Not a brain cell is stirring, I guess they're all dead No, I'm writin' this crap, so I'm still goin' strong and dreaming of Sister D's big purple prong I lost my red tent and my last pair of pants My head is all scabbed from the force of the rants My wallet's a moth nest, no green does it see I spent all my greckels on XXX-Day, po' me The toe-rot I got from the hot tub is healed (carbolic acid makes toe-rot goims squeal) My anus is back to its regular size Since Legume knocked me cold with his midnight "surprise" I got some bonobo, bell-ringin' crotch doozies On Rabbi, On Thera, On Susie, OHHH, on SUSIE!!

Unh...Sorry, where was I?

My desktop is crawling with shots o' them titties From Zepplins of Doom to sweet itty-bitties I bought a new DobbsShirt, it foiled a robber "Bob" guided the peach can, his head I did clobber Just like Robert Tilton, Stang's humpin' the cash At least HE gets a fee for showin' his ass 30 bucks buys a nipple at the base of The Pipe suck the Slack like a piglet, it don't come 'round twice! Yes, heart palpitations are a small price to pay To get 'ripped off' by "Bob" every friggin' X-day I'm a-headin' fer Hell, so steeped am I in Sin 'and if I find the money, I'm a-goin' AGAIN!

Praise "BOB!"

HellPope Huey, What's on my mind? Earwigs. And I think they're about to meet in the middle. Urgh.

"Those damned monkeys won't stop FUCKING!" - Jesus


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