Back from XXXX Day -- Reverend Sinphaltimus Exmortus <>

Newsgroups: alt.slack
Date: Mon, Jul 9, 2001 1:31 PM

Yes, I made the 7.5 hour drive to Brushwood and 10.5 hours back. Spent 5
daze and 4 nites and all I have to say is PRAISE BOB! Well, not really, I
have more to say then that.I brought my Vid-Cam and DigiCam to shoot vids
and take pix but the slack was so fukin thick in the air that I didn't even
unpack them until saturday, so I don't have alot of shit to share cept fer
the memories which are fading quickly.

First off, this was my first X-Day and I am happy that the x-ist did not
show up. It was so much fun and so damned slackful that I can't wait to go
back next year. I have been chatting with folks on alt.slack&#subgenius and
would like to say the following to those;

Phloighd, 2beans, Absent, Pisces, Modemac, Sister "D", Stang, Jesus, Mary
Magdalen, Lilith, Troutwaxer, Illuminatrix, ChrisLee, Sikki, Lupus
Yonderboy, Prostata, Siant N, Hellena Handbasket, Rev. Dr. Jack, LeeBurhls,
Rocknar, the alien couple, Andreux, Awe fukit, you people know who you are,
I could go on and on and on.... You folks ROCK! Thank you all for increasing
the Slack factor by a godzillion. Alcohol, food and frop, what more could
one desire? If I mispelled your name or forgot to mention you, so
doesn't change a thing..

I could never havbe imagined how slackfully great X-day could be... Praise
Bob and Hail Connie.... The Bulldadda Auction rocked, the Wotan raid was a
complly successful failure, The Rants were awesome, shit I even got up there
and ranted for the first time ever. (I would love a copy of that and my
little dance with Saint N and Hellena Handbasket) Did you get that Stang?
I've got a bit of video I'll send ya in exchange...

Anywaze, for those of you who could not, did not, would not make the trip,
you missed out on the most concentrated collection of slack I have yet to

Check alt.binaries for my 99 picture upload ncluding pix of ESO, Saint N's
performace, Ranters, Slackers, and of course my open canvas, the crucified
Barbie, which was made even more beautiful with every visit from our SubG

Nudity was abound including myself (sorry for the painful view) the hot tub
rocked!!! The rain sucked, the atmosphere was alive with floating glowing
lights and boy am I upset it's all over. I do regret not being able to stay
long enuff for the ooblek pool but I'll get over it. Anywaze, count me in
for next year, I will certainly be on a recruiting rampage and sjow up with
alot more fucked up wierdos next year...

So in closing, Fuck Bob, Praise Connie - Uberfemmes RULE!, catch up to ya


Sincerely yours, forever Bob's,

The Reverend Sinphaltimus Exmortus
First Ever Digital Church of Mind Slack
or die pink
or kill me
"Exterminate all rational thought" W.S.B.

From: (Geoff Bronner)

By the way.... pending an official report from the sacred scribe... what is
the excuse this year?



Subject: Re: Back from XXXX Day
From: Server Thirteen <>
Newsgroups: alt.slack
Date: Mon, Jul 9, 2001 7:29 PM

Well (ahem), actually it's all my fault. I got nervous and contacted
the Xists first via a neutrino transmitter I whipped up from a
half-eaten bratwurst, a condom, and the guts from a smoke detector.

When they picked me up first, I naturally specified that my saucer
was to contain a feed from alt.slack, maintained in its pre-X-day glory.

Sorry about that.

Subject: Re: Back from XXXX Day
From: "illuminatrix" <>

the original pure and uncut excuse from '98 is still valid for many
thousands of years.
the portion of cocktail napkin which contained the scribbled rupture data
was a mess and the year itself was read upside down.
the subgenius chronological society has determined [to the best of their
ability] that the date should have been transcribed as july 5th, 7am in the
year 8661.
all x-days until that moment are religious holy days and excuses to party
and of course, Dobbs is a fuck up, so the yearly pilgrimage can also be
thought of as a just-in-case-he-was-simply-off-by-a-few-years type of thing.

Subject: RE: Back from XXXX Day
From: "The Rev. Dr. Lt. Chaos Israel" <>
Newsgroups: alt.slack
Date: Mon, Jul 9, 2001 11:53 PM

The world actually ended three years ago, and no one noticed.

Build your own Excuse. Everyone else is doing it.

Subject: Re: Back from XXXX Day
From: (The Stinking Bishop Prostata Cantata MP)

I think the "official excuse" this year is:

"Who cares?.... uh, fuck it, pass that lighter over here."

The mind is a terrible thing to baste!
-Susie the Floozie

Subject: Re: Back from XXXX Day
From: (Geoff Bronner)

>the original pure and uncut excuse from '98 is still valid for many
>thousands of years.
>the portion of cocktail napkin which contained the scribbled rupture data
>was a mess and the year itself was read upside down.

I thought it was the back of an envelope.

Anyway... I'm not fond of the whole 8661 thing so I'm looking for alternate
theories I can steal and combine into something all my own.



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