Preliminary X-Day page up

It's still very much under construction, but the first stages of the X-Day 2001 Web site can be found at:

Essentially, all I've changed so far is the back ground images, the X-Day graphic (which I don't like -- suggestions for improvement are most welcome!), and updated the text so that the dates reflect the REAL upcoming date for the Rupture. I haven't even gotten around to updating the events yet, such as...SUBGENIUS WAR GAMES! (In the idea of the Roman bread and circuses, YOU will get to host gladitorial events and let the spectators decide the victor with a thumbs-up or thumbs-down!)

-- First Online Church of "Bob"

From: Lust In Space <>

4X-Day! The first X-Day in space!

I can't speak for anyone else but, boyoboy, I can't wait!

As well as performing high-voltage orgone-infused Lust In Space space rock, AstroBabe and I will be hosting the one and only:

SLACK MASTERS 2001 CosmoGolf Championship!

(Bring your lucky 5-iron!)

We are also in discussions about a couple other top-secret non-events and doing some research to see if we are going to be able to transport them from our California Earth Base as well. Only "Bob" knows for sure! Of course, expect the usual X-Day Lust In Space fare... I'm working on catching up on sleep and nutritional intake now in preparation.

As learned from previous years, we feel it is our duty to join forces with our fellow Yeti brethren in the interest of creating a massive slack party central, and if ever we had reason to be partying, it would be now! The saucers are a lock this year, otherwise Stang wouldn't be scheduling X-Day AFTER the 5th! X-Day in space, Hoo-ha! So you can bet we will be lurking around the magnificent beauty that is the Quijibo-A-Go-Go more than we did last year (Be sure to bring alot of booze, boys, we space people have some serious appetites), I get all excited just thinking about it! I also plan to be there at the wonderful Or Kill Me Radio encampment when last year's Fire Dance of Bob resumes! (That had to be the most beautiful way to spend the night before XXX-Day, praise the flesh-searing, second degree glory of the Fire Dance!)

See, just look at how giddy I'm getting!

Has anyone confirmed a Little Fyodor/Babushka return?

-Slippy Lust In Space

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