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From: "Rev. Magdalen" <magdalen@home.com>

Date: Sun, 14 Jan 2001 22:24:00 GMT

Lecherous <res0658l@gte.net> wrote in message news:YAc86.5137$Oq4.560406@dfiatx1-snr1.gtei.net... Should I spend the $1100 on a shitty muscle car or a train/plane (?) ticket to NY (My initials, by the way)? ps. I don't wanna rent a car, how do I get from the airport to heaven?

It should DEFINITELY not cost anywhere NEAR that much to get to XXXXDay. I know that whole Greyhound "Anywhere in the US for $70ish bucks" thing is a total lie, but still, it shouldn't cost more than a hundred or so if you use the fabulous rideshare board which Modemac is in charge of. This board is an excellent way to save yourself money while meeting new friends. It's also a good way to get someone to pick you up at the airport or train/bus station for a moderate fee, much lower than a cab. Some have even been known to do airport pickups in exchange for barter items such as food, coffee, or potential sex! Also, last year a Yeti arrived at Brushwood claiming that he rode a mysterious bus, which charged him less than twenty dollars for the trip from Erie. He said the bus driver told him he makes the trip out past Brushwood once every day. As far as the Brushwood staff and those living in the area know, such a bus DOES NOT EXIST!!! Yet, there he was! A true-blue Miracle of Dobbs, no doubt. Visit www.modemac.com for the rideshare and other xxxxday info.

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