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Rev. Stang,

People can't make up their mind if 4X-Day should be before or after the 5th?

Looks like it's Lust In Space's job to decide for them.

Due to tour considerations and our distance from Brushwood, we're pushing hard for the weekend of July 6th and 7th, especially given the "Official Party Aboard the Escape Vessels" angle that could really make this X-Day stand out as something special.

"4X-Day: The First X-Day Drill Celebrated on the Pleasure Saucers!" "XXXX-Day: The First X-Day in Space!"
and my personal favorite...
"XD4: Bring your space suit!"

Lust In Space

>From: Slippy <> Newsgroups: <alt.binaries.slack>, <alt.slack> Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2000 10:39:07 -0800
>Subject: Re: SUBGENIUS VOTE re: 4X-Day!
>The sonically empowered Lust In Space Multi-Planetoid Orgone Astronautics Tour will be landing at Brushwood in time to meet our saucer friends on Thursday, July 5th. We will be performing an extended set of atomic space rock aboard the pleasure saucers on Saturday, July 7th for our fellow SubGenius brothers and sisters, timed to coincide with our passing through the psychedelic wonder-sphere known as the dichogamous Dimension Deetko. Thanks to the addition of ectoplasmic resonators, the ubercharged Simex-particles are sure to stimulate our collective pleasure centers to points yet unimaginable.
>What better way to ring in the final end to the followers of the anti-"Bob" than to stand among the universal brotherhood of SubGenius assembled in the great hall of the Amazonian Space Queen's saucer rocket out amid the mind-expanding aethers of the universe beyond, soothed with space drink in hand and velvety space rock tunes?
>Ahhhhh... I feel good just thinking about it.
>In the unlikely event that "Bob" is once again testing the faith of the assembled children of the Yeti-blood, and the X-ists fail to arrive, we will be performing at the Brushwood pavilion on Saturday July 7th instead. Granted, it's not exactly the same thing, but I can promise a glorious Lust In Space performance regardless, although AstroBabe and I feel this occurrence is highly improbable.
>We would certainly hope that the Church Hierarchy would schedule the official August Assemblages to coincide with the weekend of July 6th and 7th, as we would rather perform for the Yeti than pagans. However (as proven last year at XXX-Day), there are always die-hard SubGeniuses who do the church proud and are willing to stick it out when common sense would dictate otherwise.

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