4X-Day -- Get SAFELY Screwed by "Bob"!




((LATE NOTE: We decided, "AFTER."))


Pregnant chads will be coat-hanger-aborted, and, like most modern elections, pro wrestling bouts and Jerry Springer domestic violence displays, the end result has probably already been predetermined no matter who gets the most votes. However, Jesus and I don't know yet what Dobbs has in mind.

JULY 5 is on THURSDAY in 2001. I'm GUESSING that the standard normal average Con Job will let us off on the False American holiday of July 4 BUT NOT THE DAYS BEFORE AND AFTER, so "time off work" probably doesn't really matter -- or does it?

What does matter is, assuming Dobbs actually succeeds (or fails, depending on how you look at Dobbs himself), there won't really BE a Brushwood campground after Thursday, July 5 -- the Foundation will have taken your preregistration money and run to the stars. And since you'll be on the Escape Vessels too, you probably won't care about that EXTRA $30 you threw the Church's way just before the Church made all your wildest dreams come through.

Whereas, holding the camp-out, sing-alongs, lynch-alongs, rant-alongs and colarbone break-alongs the weekend BEFORE gives us all a chance to build up some anticipation, hate-power, love-power, oozesquirt, etc... gives the Church a chance to SPEND any profit it might make off the event, thus consecrating the money... and, in general, wouldn't be quite as anticlimactic as it will be if we set the celebartion for AFTER the event.

In fact, now that I think about it, it doesn't make a whole hell of a lot of sense to do it after, at all -- so MY vote is this:

4X-DAY COUNTDOWN AT BRUSHWOOD -- Thursday June 28 to Sunday July 1.

As last year, some of us will probably loiter around Brushwood all the way up through the 7 am MOMENT of TRUTH on Thursday, July 5. And some will probably come early, too.


IN OTHER NEWS: Princess Wei and I have spent the last 3 weeks mostly out of town with her family, dealing with the death of her dad, a very protracted event but peaceful in the end, when "his tape was flipped"; the dad of Wei is now on Side Two of his tape (as Lil reminded us on the IRC).

Now I am back and catching up, if not swiftly.

I FINISHED THE XXX-DAY 4-CD SERIES and it KICKS ASS!!! If I had time, I would probably KEEP fiddling with the mixes, but HECK IT ALL TO HELL! I could FIDDLE FOREVER and there are too many other things to fiddle on.

THERE WILL NOT BE AN XXX-DAY video edited by me -- the SOUND was really the good stuff this time. XXX-Day happened just as I was switching my audio world over to digital; also all the stage events were recorded professionally by a HIRED SOUND MAN (!!). I am still "reeling" at how clear and professional it all sounds -- especially compared to the days when the best we could do was cassette tape, with its built in hiss. (If somebody else with video editing experience (and a reel sshowing proof of same) wants to try cutting a compressed video of XXX-Day, I have copies of the ChrisLi, Rev-808 and StangCam footage available.)

I'll post the exact logs of the individual CDs soon. We'll sell the disks individually at $14.95 each (like all our other CDs during the XMAS SPECIAL) but it's really best as the 4-CD "boxed set," for only $29.95. I will get copies to the actual ranters and contributors EVENTUALLY. So far we have only sold about 3 of these sets through the catalog... which is fine since each set is essentially hand made by me, but that's also why it takes me a long time to get to contributor copies out too. I'm still doing THE HOUR OF SLACK and making 15 CD copies of THAT every week too.

The XXX-Day audio was broken down into the 4 74 minute CDs this way:

CD 1: Most Unforgettable Rants and Songs
CD 2: The Sexhurt of the Connietites
CD 3: The Martyrdom of Pastor Craig (a masterpiece of overkill, so to speak)
CD 4: The Agony of 7 am

These aren't just stage recordings -- each CD is a self contained documentary utilizing backstage recordings, relevant ESO Swamp Radio, and new studio-mixed songs along with the stage events and concerts. Almost every ranter and band is represented at least for a while, and some especially well prepared and delivered rants are presented uncut (Papa Joe, Hellpope Huey, Byron Werner to name some). There is also quite a bit of "raw" material with sexually rib-ticklin' content that was NOT aired on THE HOUR OF SLACK.

SO hit the scatalog at http://www.subgenius.com

Also, for Xmas, consider the FULL METAL DOBBSHEADS -- now ONE FOOT HIGH instead of one inch, as I had accidentally described it online at first. They're $135 apiece, but WHERE ELSE are you going to find ANYTHING like them? The official Church blascksmith, Rev. Blackout aka whyaskwhyaskwhy, MIGHT NOT be forging these INDESTRUCTIBLE, HAND POLISHED DOBBSHEADS, FOREVER!

Today, if left unmolested, I plan to finish remixing the Amsterdam devival Hour of Slack CDs (they're also in the Scatalog).

NOTE:: IF YOU PLAN ON JOINING US FOR THE 2001 AMSTERDAM TRIP IN LATE MARCH, EMAIL FROP@SUBGENIUS.COM *NOW*. Jesus had set up a sweet deal just like last time, but two folks had to drop out for personal reasons just before the security deposit deadline, so we lost that set-up. Jesus has much more critical soul-and-planet related things on His mind anyway right now, so Dok Frop has taken up the Amsterdam pit stop command center post. The more people we can sign up, the less each person has to pay... the idea is to keep the room rates down, needless to say, while still getting everybody in one place so they aren't spread among hotels. Though any fool can Follow Pope Black, and though YOU WILL eventually be among his many destinations, you have a better chance of also finding "BOB" in Holland if you start the Following and Wandering EARLY rather than having to waste time bailing yourself out of a different jail every night after spending the night before standing baffled in the crossroads of a strange Dutch town, the buildings all tilted and crazy, the street shifting like an earthquake under your feet, staring at a map in your hand that crawls like a bucket of snakes, hallucinating like an oilslide.


From: "Rev. Ivan Stang" <stang@subgenius.com>

"NOW," I said, gyot-dammit!!! JUMP!!! Do you not even CARE when the
Great Conclave of our August Assemblages happens? So, like, it's all the
same to you -- BEFORE the world is destroyed or AFTER the world is

Art thou SO JADED, so SATED and GLUTTED with media swill that you don't
even INTEND to get off your comfy couch, drive or fly 1,000 miles to a
the New Millennium, the New "Bob" Order! Where's your FANATICISM? Man, I
mean "Dude," in the OLD days of alt.slack, say 1995, just my even
MENTIONING a VOTE would have been enough to start a CIVIL WAR of
traumatizing flame posts... I guess the frappy or maybe just the plain
DIRT WEED MARIJUANA is too plentiful and good now for ya'l to even HATE
any more.

Are Papa Joe Mama and I THE LAST HOLOCAUSTALS?? Or has even Papa Joe
taken to wearing a Connietite apron, a veritable tamed "man-woman" like
Dr. Legume?

"My people are destroyed for lack of obnoxiousness."


Do you wanna mount the Black Slabs for "Bob" the weekend BEFORE the pink
holiday/Xist invasion or AFTER?

Or am I destined to sit alone upon the stage at Brushwood that sad 7 am,
my limp peckers dangling from my hand, most of 'em lying there dead in
the dirt, wondering where "Bob" and the SubGeniuses went? *SNIFF* And
then being the only one Ruptured... the ONE LAST BELIEVER??

Or can someone else out there CLAP THEIR HANDS, pick up your monitor and
THROW IT OUT THE WINDOW NOW!! to prove that you STILL LOVE "BOB"??? We
don't ask much.

I finally finished the Amsterdam double CD set and, AND, an
all-ESO-Radio double CD set, and I CANNOT BELIEVE how great all this


From: Pope_Phil_Monty@ukdiuretics.kom (Pope Phil Monty)

My vote (and you can examine the Chads) is for meeting up on the Tuesday,
staying for X-Day proper, and then having a wake at the weekend after...
assuming "Bob" lets us down again

Phather Phil Monty el-Hajj
Anti-Pope of the North of England
speaking for UK SubGenius Heresy.
incorporating the Church of Scatology and science of DIURETICS
"remember: If you`re not offending somebody, then you're not doing it right"

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netplace: http://www.ukdiuretics.com/


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