My Short XXXX-Day Report from: "Col. Sphinx Drummond" <>

Newsgroups: alt.slack
Date: Mon, Jul 9, 2001 10:31 PM

I got there, Uniblab showed me where to set up my tent so
I'd be in the shade in the morning and then I started
froppin' with Doc Frop. Sister Decadence left to pick up Dr.
Codini and St. Byron Werner and when they got back we went
to eat at the fuckin' Co'ral. Then we got back and Stang,
Wei, and Philo had shown up. Everyone was froppin' and
gettin' drunk. The next day we got up and frapped a bit and
then went in to town to buy groceries like limes and tonic
water. We got back and got drunk and drove all over the
place and fropped a lot. That night me and Philo gave drunk
driving lessons to Jesus and Mary Magdalen. The next day
someone started Sub-Genuises Against Drunk Drummonds
(S.A.D.D.) and we went in to town and ate a huge breakfast
at the fuckin' Co'ral and I was not hungover. Me and Philo
took a drive to Sinclairville to check out where Philo said
our paternal primordial ancestral home was but we didn't see
anything that stood out.

Back at camp we got all fropped up and then went in to town
to eat at the fuckin' Co'ral then later back at camp I ate
some mushrooms with a few other people and spent the next 6
hours laughing my ass off with Doc Frop, Vagina Jones,
Nickie, and others while Legume gave us the low down on
Severed Head Fuck Dolls and other Art-You-Can-Fuck items.
The next morning I felt great and I went in to town with
Philo and Sis D and ate breakfast at the fuckin' Co'ral.
Then Philo and I took a ride to Erie and the shitty rental
car broke down so we had to wait three hours for them to
bring me a replacement but I didn't freak out. Back at camp
that night we were wonderfully entertained by Andrew the
Impaled and then ESO. Anyway I'm tired of writing this. Take
my word a lot of great times were being had and I got a load
of slack dumped on me but I'm not going to spoil it by
trying to remember everything.

-Col. Sphinx Drummond TWSR

Two Beans wrote:

> Hey man, one of the highlights I'll always remember is when my
> ShorDurMar and I ran into you and Sis D at the resturant in Sherman.
> Me: Whoa! I can't believe all the FUN I've had so far! I have so much
> Slack, and yet I've done NOTHING!
> You: Alright! Did you have fun?
> Me: Yeah!
> You: What did you do?
> Me: Nothing!
> You: Exactly! THAT is the essence of Slack! Something for nothing!
> The wisend words of an old Doktor will reside forever in the heart of
> a young initiate like myself......

Man, I must be getting old. I do remember seeing you at the restaurant but I don't recall the conversation.
Did I really say that? I meant to say, "anything for nothing." Something implies specificity.

-Col. Sphinx Drummond TWSR

From: "Col. Sphinx Drummond" <>

Oh Yeah...

Stang's rant on friday night after ESO set, kind of during their
encore, was one of the funniest and most poignant I've ever
heard. The idea of a young lad throwing away his comic book
collection because he thought it would make him more normal only
to realize that it didn't change a thing socially or make him
any less weird. I hate to admit that anything touches my heart
but that story touched my heart. It was so much like what I went
through as a boy, and I imagine other subs went through similar
phases too. I laughed my nuts back to Texas. The man is a

-Col. Sphinx Drummond TWSR

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