News About Dr. G.G.Gordon from: "Col. Sphinx Drummond" <>

Newsgroups: alt.slack
Date: Mon, Jul 2, 2001 11:01 PM

His wife Autumn called me this afternoon and told me Dr.
Gordon was in the hospital, he's going to have an angiogram
performed on him Tuesday afternoon. I spoke with him and he
said he is feeling a lot better. He started feeling bad
Sunday night but hoped it would go away, Monday morning
Autumn took him to the Emergency Room. He told me to tell
everyone who sent him money that he will send back a refund.
He is very sorry that he wont be able to make the trip and
he was really looking forward to it.

Hopefully everything will go well for him tomorrow.

I'm going to bed, my flight to XXXX-Day leaves in 6 hours.

-Col. Sphinx Drummond

Subject: Re: News About Dr. G.G.Gordon
From: (mykal d'archangel)

Now this just ain't right. I was looking forward to his gruff but
fatherly presence as he tied one on at our sushi bar.

He should keep the keep the money to pay for the *hospital bill*.


st md'a

Subject: Re: News About Dr. G.G.Gordon
From: (Legume)

Well, SHIT. I ain't worried about a refund, I just hope he's OK. He's a
gravelly old bastard, and I'm right fond of him.
Dr. K. "Cortez" Legume

Subject: Re: News About Dr. G.G.Gordon
From: (SubSpecies23)

Surely this is the work of NHGH.


From: iDRMRSR <>

>>he's going to have an angiogram
performed on him Tuesday afternoon<<

Shit, Dick Cheney has one every afternoon! Let's put together a fund to
send GGG to Dick Cheney's doc, and he can still make XXXX day, albeit
with "a little stiffness in the shoulder".

Bob speed to ya G, luv the alien vessel art. I'm gonna step heavy on my
part of the luck plane here to see if I can get it to tilt in yer way a
little better. When it comes to gravity, I wield considerable
influence, you see...


From: Hulkturds@crappagammabrick.ouch (HellPope Huey)

Well, shit. Hope its a big troll. After all, you guys left simplistic
concepts like "shame" in the dust decades ago. NOW who will shoot Pastor

HellPope Huey,
Rectal examination revealed a normal-sized thyroid

"Only one piece of the puzzle missing...
your head in a box."
- "3rd Rock From The Sun"

"...anyone who went forward in time
returned to us full of drugs,
wearing a pink laurex dress
and a barbed-wire butt plug
with a note around their necks
reading FUCK OFF ...
Basically, as soon as we turn world-changing
science into television,
you're suddenly all interested,
you shallow little bastards.
If it were up to me, you'd all be being used
as sperm-sponges by Victorian prostitutes
right now."
- "Transmetropolitan"

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