Pissoff's XXXX-Day wedding

From: "Roland Rode" <rrode@sun-link.com>

This photo is of the ring ceremony which was performed by Christopher Lee of Quijibo. Here Chris gently slides the rings these lucky ladies had picked out at the Carnegie museum in Pittsburgh a few days before, onto the lovely fingers of the new happy brides. Barber Aliens' brilliant diamond encrusted ring had a golden and (of all things) pinkish hue. Aunties' beautiful yet foreboding ring with various but muted colors and strange, seemingly etched, strange geometric shapes, appears to me to be of pre-Colombian origin maybe Mayan but most likely of Aztec or Toltec design. The next day Barber Alien told me, rather nonchalantly, that she had lost her ring "somewhere in the rocks" there in Brushwood. Let us know right away if anyone finds it. She loved that ring. Do not the good books say that "Too much is always better then not enough"? Good Lord! I forgot to pay The Reverend!

By the way, Dok Frop married a 'frop stick. Somebody else, I think Lil, married her own ass. One particulary mad subgenius confided to me that he had married Princess Wei, but asked me not to tell you know who. Wish I could remember who that was.

Dok "blissfully hitched" Pissoff

From: stang@subgenius.com (Rev. Ivan Stang)

It was that bastard Chris Lee! Afterwards he came up with this huge canary-eating grin and told me it was the BEST wedding I'd ever conducted... only later did I find out it was because he was marrying MY LONG-DUR-MAR *WIFE*!!!

So now I'm a-gunnin' fer the varmint.

In other news, we delivered Philo to the heliport in Cleveland just on time, Sunday afternoon; Lil made her plane; El Diablo is on the bus back to Dallas, Wei went to work in the Unidentified Flying Object royal survey offices, and I'm about to start pulling and posting Wei's digipics and frames from my High 8 video. And dubbing the audio to CD etc. I will post this stuff on a.b.s. and on SubSITE asap. I need to kind of write up the event as I go along. Aside from the Rupture ITSELF rupturing, again, in my opinion this was the most entertaining and successful Drill since '98. From what I could tell, a lot more people ended up getting actually laid this time... I *GUESS* that's a good thing... the preaching was certainly improved -- it was consistently good to excellent and so was the music. WHAT HAS BECOME OF US?!? Our host here ARMAND GEDDYN delivered a particularly inspirational rant during Saint N and Hellena's FANTASTIC set. Anyway I feel GREAT about this one. I am really sorry about the folks who couldn't make it, which is a long list. Nonetheless, we had a much bigger urnout than expected. I don't think the Church lost any money at all and we probably made some!

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