Son of a BITCH!

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Date: Mon, Jul 9, 2001 1:37 PM

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> I missed out on this one:

Speaking of which, get this --

we kept calling the "bus station" in Jamestown. Actually it's a cigaret
store that the bus stops near. Finally, LATE Saturday afternoon, ONE
box arrived. Rev. Stevezzzzzz went and got it. It was NOT the one with
the Full Metal Dobbsheads for sale. It was the gigantic FLAT box.

(Pater Nostril is still at Brushwood (he works there summers) so if the
other box comes in today, he can pick it up, and then I can nab it when
I go to Starwood next week.)

At about 7 pam I got the big flat box out of the car and dragged it to
the open field next to the pavillion and cut it open, extricating THE
FUL METAL DOBBSHEAD OF THE GODS, all 4 and a half feet of it or however
fucking huge it is. INSTANTLY, everyone flocked out of the pavillion to
examine this incredible artifact, leaving the fine band BLISS AMERICA
playing to no one until I hid the hypnotic Head again.

The giant Head is now in my basement in the lead lined vault with the
Last Fake Palmer Head. We await your suggestions.

The famous hideous "Bob" dummy made by Legume was LEFT AT BRUSHWOOD,
since we know that it was boobytrapped by Mojo's henchmen while it was
being held for ransom. Pater Nostril has "Bob" sleeping in a shed until
he either explodes or starts to stink, or whatever it is he's going to
do. We will drag him out the big at Starwood bonfire so that if he does
explode or stink, he will have many mourners.

Yes, Dr. Legume, and Mojo, you are FOILED AGAIN!!

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