So where are all you guys? from: Fernandinande of Deep Space

Newsgroups: alt.binaries.slack
Date: Thu, Jul 5, 2001 7:34 AM


I'm on a Pleasure Saucer[1], and there's no other obnoxious people here so I figger nobody else made it.

We got a 13013 BKGbps connection and it starts downloading files before you're actually aware that you want to DL anything! It's right there on the 21 foot monitor[2] just before you think you want it. The biologically based CPUs are kinda kEwL, although they tend to "get smart", so ya gotta teach 'em some "Bob"-damned manners. This is done by fondling, biting, rubbing, licking, slapping and/or whacking the machine's "pods", thereby stimulating a combination of its pain and pleasure sensors, as well as encoding it with your pheremones. (after you get used to it you kinda start to like it!)

But speaking of "Bob", I gotta run! See-Io!

[1] Akshully more like a wad of tinfoil.
[2] If you don't want to go the Full Implant route.

From: (D. P. Roberts)

I have no idea where we all are. My copy of DeLorme Atlas is not on this computer. Thank you.


From: Fernandinande of Lemuria <>

They kicked me off for making that post. They said they're gonna fry everything "pretty soon".

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