Huey's 4XD play list


You may want this, since you're the main one likely to seriously distribute parts of it in some form. I never name the stuff live, tho' I should; somehow, I just want them to revel in my full bready sonic goodness, since I am not tight young EURO-trash who can hop around & still hit the right keys, HEH!
If I can land a couple of those rhythm boxes, I'll do some Saint'Nin' (those guys excel) and put out with something more visually thrilling than the top of my addled pate, although I love my fellow SubGees and would not want to hurt them by appearing in leather pants.

Just FYI, so you have a fighting chance to name things in order, if you wanna.

Pheremone Cyclone (percussion meltdown)
Hot Heaven (pipe organ)
Dude Ranch Askew (big fat harmonica/orchestral patch) The High Cost of Clarity (short, genteel & choir-ish)Deadman Tells A Helluva Tale (multi-layered thang) Dance of the Screwed Pooch (percussion meltdown) Your 5 Is 9 (vaguely Latin-percussion bit) The Lost Country of Memory (bell & orchestral piece) Sunsquall (semi-eerie space-pad music)
Tempus Fidgit (percussion meltdown)
Diary (short Bavarian bellish thing)
Irish Whammy (electric guitar & string-split drama) Toy Box Dervish (big piano)
Hope In Hell (pipe organ)
Synchronicity Freeway (big reverby brass muncher) This is Your Brain On MEGADRUMS (percussion meltdown

Der Huey

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pic by FEDCOM