Thanks for the great time - XXXX Day -- Rev Sun Nguyen

From: (Rev Sun Nguyen)
Newsgroups: alt.slack
Date: Tue, Jul 10, 2001 3:24 AM

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the great XXXX day. I mostly just
sat around and slacked off. I didn't get to talk to as many people this year
or do as many things but sitting around doing nothing and sleeping a lot are
not the waste of time normals would have you believe.
My memories of XXXX day that really stand out are:

1. Rev Blank setting off a line of 1000 firecrakers.
2. Modemac giving his anti-fireworks speech...the funniest thing I heard at
XXXX day.
3. Rev Yonderboy sleeping in his flooded tent.
4. The pagan lady that told me her life story while I was trying to relax in
the hottub (a bad memory...."It's a weird time in my life...." she says).
5. Rev Pissoff talking to me about Anabasis
6. Jesus electocuting my lightning hitting your cavities
7. Rev Sean making fun of the movies each night
8. Rev Yonderboy 'borrowing" wood from the pagans on the freezing night
9. Getting advice about prostitutes in Holland...a "how to" seminar. (I'll
never use it but it answered many burning questions of mine)
10. Sexmordis for being so damn cool
11. Stang for taking some time to talk with us and giving a great rant
12. The free pancakes
13. Those pagans that learned the hard way that it takes more than a belief in
wood faries to build dome. I hope that thing stays up forever as a monument to
14. Discovering that someone emptied the's bad enough having
to wipe my own shit off, let alone someone else's...the worst "king of the
hill" game I ever almost played.
15. St Mark for turning those Canadians on to handcuffs
16. Sunbathing/burning in the nude only to discover that my dick blocked the
sun to my inner thigh and now I have a perfect white skin/tan line of my penis
to show my friends.
17. The lady who grabbed my by the collar and said, "You are so damn cute!" and
winked at me.
18. the frop axe and the generosity of the owner
19. And lastly, the incredible sex-fest I had when I got about
building your own ship, I even have a private sex-goddess.

I had a great time. Thanks everyone and I'll see you next year.
Praise Bob

Thank You and OK

Rev Sun Nguyen (soon nwin)
Church of the Immaculate Hymen Resistance

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