The Xd4 Report of Governor Rocknar

From: (Governor Rocknar)
Newsgroups: alt.slack
Date: Mon, Jul 9, 2001 2:03 PM

What an X-Day, eh?

There's just so much to tell about, the concerts, the rants...


So much to report, so little bandwidth...

But for now, I want to give a special thank you to everyone who helped make the SubGenius Cooking Show (filmed while the Bobbie awards were going on, it was so spur-of-the-moment we didn't think of that)

Everyone from OrKillMe Radio, Chaos_Israel's tent cooking shack for allowing us to use their equipment, Kate for belting out all the great tunes while we cooked up a storm, Susie for bringing Shish-Ke-BOBS and salad, Lust In Space, Nickie, and all the others who heard and answered the call sent out on OKM. Thanks for coming to enjoy all our delicious goodies, 808 for the use of his video camera, and the many others and making our cooking show a huge success...

Next year, the cooking spectacular will be held at the stage, which should make it even bigger and more successful and easier to schedule.

And Pastor Pressure for his unique recipe, "Gideon Tempura", or Kentucky Fried Bible. Which was DELICIOUS!

And PRAISE REV. BIG BOY, the latest generation of yeti for his UNIQUE WISDOM!

We were offering the Deep Fried Bible around for taste tests. But Rev. Big Boy declined. I said, "Oh c'mon, it's not as if you'll go to hell for eating a bible."

Rev. Big Boy's mother said, "Well, I've made it a point not to force religion down his throat."

Indeed. You have to respect that attitude!

I leave you with my recipe for Lemon-Pepper Steak...

What you need:

One New York strip steak or any suitable cut of beef.

Flour, Salt, Pepper and other meat seasonings in a ziploc bag.

Lemon-Pepper spice

1/4 cup lemon juice or the juice of two whole lemons.

Season steak in ziploc bag of seasoning. Remove and place on hot grill, sprinkling generously with lemon pepper. While turning the steak on the open flames, take lemon juice and pour carefully on steak, letting the lemon juice sear flavor into the meat, then season other side with more lemon pepper. Cook until well done.

Other recipes to follow, be sure and send your own as well!

Gov. Rocknar

Randolph S. Vance (Macintosh Eudora Mail)

QUOTE - "I'll watch some TV, it'll help me to RELAX!" - Ren Hoek

Subject: RE: The Xd4 Report of Governor Rocknar
From: "The Rev. Dr. Lt. Chaos Israel" <>

>===== Original Message From (Governor Rocknar) =====

>Everyone from OrKillMe Radio, Chaos_Israel's tent cooking shack for allowing
us to use their equipment,

OK, if there's another Chaos Israel out there, I need to know so I can
my name.

I wasn't anywhere near B'wood this year.

What's the story, kids?


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