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Reply-To: Yer Mom
Date: Mon, Jul 9, 2001 9:13 PM

XD4 was a ride - a ride that I wasn't quite tall enough to go on,
but snuck on anyway. And now I want to go again.

All week-end long, I barely needed to leave our dojo because the
slack just came our way.

My highlights - The Ed Strang and Saint N Techno Dome complete
with DJ Jesus B. Nekkid sushi. Jamming on stage with Philo and a
gaggle of very talented Bad Mother Fuckers. The end of the
Quijibo/Troutwaxer blood feud with Brother Cletus Interruptus and
myself playing "backup band" for Mr Troutwaxer as he ranted
Saturday night. Although it seems that Dr Li has instigated yet
another blood fued with Rev Stang. Well, I suppose we'd better
get to work on how to dishonnor someoen *next* year.

Of course - now I have returned to the Con - using another week
of "paid vacation" to readjust to the bacwards ways of the Pink
World. But true to form - the Con is always there. I found out
that a few people were laid off from my conJob.

Now I need to find out if I am one of them.

st m d'a

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