Subject: 6XDay pt1

From: (Bobdiddley)
Newsgroups: alt.slack
Date: Tue, Jul 8, 2003 8:42 PM
Message-ID: <>

Last year was my first time - this year was different in several ways.

Last year, I was alone, sleeping in the back of a Toyota; this year I brought
my mate, a tent, and some food. Most of the music, both from Tranquility Base
and from the main stage, as well as the movie theatre and the drum circle, we
could hear from our tent.

Among the advantages of bringing a mate: I ate more, I ate better, I slept
better, and oh yeah! I GOT LAID! Even though Imaginine remains rather skeptical
of the whole SubG thing, Brushwood is an amazing aphrodisiac-enhancement.

Among the disadvantages of bringing a mate: I slept through some of the events,
tired from GETTING LAID. I missed out on nearly all the rants, because I was
eating a real meal, or something.

No kidding, this is a problem. You see, I live with this woman 350+ days of the
year - lots of time to eat, sleep and cuddle - but there are only four days of
X week, and there's just not enough time to see everybody, to check out other
camps, to put faces to alt.slack names, to not only listen to the many bands,
but to form new ones on the spot and shake out a jam or two. I had been working
on a rant theme for weeks, and then I missed the rantchances. Alliekat was
camped nearby, but I only played music with her for a few minutes. And I never
got the chance to turn her on to the Newfoundland music cassette I had brought,
mostly for that purpose. (personal campaign of mine - visit Newfoundland, if
you get a chance - the cruel sea and wild weather have killed off all the weak
and pink there, leaving only those with an enormous sense of humour - everybody
is a singer, storyteller, a comedian, and a survivor)

To all the good Doktors, Dentists, musical therapists, psychoactivators, and
knuckle-dragging Yetis who were there, and I just walked past you, or didn't
even get out your way, my sincere regrets, but thank you for being there

I was quite impressed with Asquire - he's grown taller, more tattooed, and more
inventively slackful over the past year - I especially liked the bit he did at
the alien ball - from the planet BillyBobbie, where creatures go, "Hey, Stang!
How're ya doin' Stang?" etc. Pretty astute, and it hit me between the ears,
Bobbie wannabe that I am.

I'm currently deep in the darkest pinkest sloburbs of Ohio, at a
Babtits-oriented family reunion of inlaws; thanks to my Brushwood energization,
I'm actually enjoying it. This, too, will pass.

Sauce you on the Caesars!

I guess the bottom line for this post is - Time Control - I must get some! So
little time, so much to see/hear/do at Brushwood, the capital of sanity in the
western world.

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