It's all a lie

From: Joe Cosby <>

Date: Wed, Jul 9, 2003 3:29 AM

Gods, heroes, angels, the lot of them. Lies.

Even the sun is just a cheap trick done with mirrors.

Only the dragon king is real.

Joe Cosby

Religion is not meant to be entertaining...if that is what a person is
looking for in a religion, they might as well be atheist.
- Anon


Subject: Re: It's all a lie
From: "Artemia Salina" <>

Well if that's true then it must be the dragon king
who is TELLING all of those lies, so why should I
listen to him?

Oh, P.S., I meant to add that this is why I like "Bob";
he comes right out and TELLS you he's lying, so I
know he's telling the truth.

Embrace your inner bullying coward.
Drive an SUV.

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