Subject: X-Day Six Report (Finally!)

From: (Jacques Treatment)
Newsgroups: alt.slack
Date: Thu, Jul 10, 2003 10:32 PM
Message-ID: <>

X-Day Six: Wow, Just Wow.

Hey, all.

I'm only now able to write this through
the miraculous use of yacatizmic forces
focussed through new techniques learned
*at* XD6. This computer, which went
through its death throes rather promptly
upon my return to Michigan, will now
hopefully work JUST LONG ENOUGH for me
to get this report out.

That said, I almost didn't make it out
to Brushwood--I was still so exhausted
and shut down following the death of my
mother back in May that the thought of
going out to the middle of fucking
nowhere and alternating between sweating
my ass off and freezing my ass off while
coping with the petty bullshit of the
SubGenii and Bobbies around me, let
alone the pagans, just didn't seem to
sit right for me. In the end, it was
the plea for a ride made by another
local SubGenius, one Rev. Dan (and we're
glad there aren't TWO Rev. Dans), that
convinced me to make the road trip.

Starting with a tsunami of late-night
sushi in nearby Ferndale, we eventually
made our pilgrimage, in the dark, to the
familiar encampment that is Brushwood.
It wasn't long thereafter that I started
to realize exactly why I was there.
This was to be the perfect place to
alternate between going to emotional
extremes and then hiding somewhere to
ground out. The fraptastic portions of
the event proved as important as
everything else, and looking back on it,
I now have to go back in time and to the
alternate universe where I DON'T go just
to KILL ME. I'm glad I cut down on the
'frop, booze, and pils this time, though--
it's great to REMEMBER so much of it,
let alone get a chance to enjoy the
place and the people for what they were.

I have to thank so many people, so many
that I'll probably miss a dozen or so,
but here goes:

Sifu, Sexmortus, Lupus Yonderboy, and
all the folk of the #subgenius area for
giving me a place to zone out and people
to snore at.

Leonard the Committed and his SpeedCamp
for keeping me going the day after I got
there and enabling me to exchange large
amounts of spleen-venting in the name of
Slack and even encouraging me to write
some new SubDogma (coming soon).

Priestess Pisces for reminding me that I
existed at times when I forgot.

Chris Lee, to whom I gave some small
pieces of paper in return for MANY BIG

Joy D'Veeve, who spent more than her
share of time and space talking in the
middle of the night.

Doc 'Frop and Sister Decadence and all
those other SubGenii who shared their
magnificent 'frappy.

G. Gordon Gordon for the only-slightly-
poisoned liquid breakfast.

Philo Drummond for the chance to be a
'fropped-up, drunken cameraman riding
shotgun on a truly hazardous drive that
risked more lives than we care to admit.

Revs. DJ Slinky and John from Michigan,
Pastor Pressure, Revs. V and Ennie, and
all those other people who shared
magnificent foodstuffs.

Rabbi Jacklyn Hyde for repeatedly
reminding me with her presence exactly
how much further I have to go.

Doktor Dark for providing me with new
cinematic hemorrages.

Dok Pissoff for his comical attempts to
best everyone with his idea of sartorial

B'Alien for being the silent partner in
a truly great prank on Pissoff (I wonder
if he's noticed yet).

Rev. Java Matrix, SolCat, Left Rev.
Eggplant, and Rev. Dan for letting me
"share the wealth" with them.

The Left Reverend Eggplant and Rev.
Honestly Now for providing such a great
laugh track to the whole week.

Susie the Floozie and Topper for sharing
their toys and reminding us that when
you're a SubGenius, ALL THE TIME is
"play time."

Jesus, for organizing the whole thing
and occasionally remembering who I was
when it was REALLY important to, EVEN

Rev. Stang, for spreading those VICIOUS

Rev. Scott, for teaching me all those
neat new yacatizmic powers I mentioned
up in the first paragraph.

and most of all,

Rev. Nicki Deathchick for allowing
herself to be bought at mere
consultant's rates and letting me
decompress at her.

finally at home

Jacques Treatment, a.k.a. Michael Marcus
CodeMeister, Technoronin, Games Designer
Visit me at

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