Subject: Post X-Day report

From: Leonard the Committed <>
Newsgroups: alt.slack
Date: Thu, Jul 10, 2003 3:30 PM
Message-ID: <>

Starting to get back to reality after my 2nd XDay experience. What a trip!
Figuratively as well as literally.

This year was a complete 180 turnaound from last year, where I felt more an
observer than participant. Made contact with some folks last year, posting
to the lists and usenet and attending a couple more events since has
brought a true appreciation for what can be only described as an epiphany.
Wierdo's are in fact not alone.

Speedcamp was somewhat seccessful in that folks did drop by in the morning,
grabbed some Coffee and shared thier agony of waking. Since I set-up at the
edge of the the field next to the Roundhouse, the site became sunny and
really hot about 9:30 every morning, at which time it was abandon til
sundown for a quick pick-me-up. The crowd there remained small and
comfortable for my taste, and MANY new friends and aquaintances were made.
All who dropped in could'nt possibly be named, considering the quantity of
anti-sleep I endured.

None-the-less, a few names will stand out in my hazy recollection of those
five glorious days, most notably nieghbors Suzy the Floozie and Dr. Topper.
Damn, it sure kick's major league ass to get around folks with similar
tastes and parralell life experiences! Another nieghbor of note is Jane,
who's face I will hopefully remember when I'm stuck in "I give up!" mode.
Those who may have seen her but did'nt take the time to meet her really
lost out.

#Subgenius was insane, but in a sane way. Meaning, there were no VICTIMS of
thier party present or accounted for, without considering those who may
have been offended or deeply afraid.

For reasons I cannot explain here, my clench has been abandon. CCSSK might
continue, but without my input, which means it is officially dissolved.
Since this rift was in need of being filled, a new clench of us "borderline
po'buckers" was formed.

REDNECKS FOR "BOB" was shamelessly shat from my brain just after a short
conversation with Samhain. In the presence of all at #Subgenius on Sunday
night, the new clench was announced and immediately grew in geometric
proportion with the addition of the Kentucky Boys. Although Sexmortis will
need to wait until his upcoming move is complete, he is considered a
'prospect' at this point and can advance significantly to full acceptance
with the purchase of at least one "I'm glad Dale Earnheart is dead"
Baseball cap, a chainsaw of reasonable quality and no less than five
flannel shirts in his laundry pile.

Damn, I'm glad it rained today. Finally getting a chance to replenish the
"sleep bank" Think I'll do it some more, right now.


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