'Alien Scraps From X-Day 6

From: "Merryiad Rode" <merryiad@hotmail.com>

X-Day 6 in a Nutshell:

Rekindling old friendships
Missing those who couldn't make it
Camping on the other side of the world!
Enjoying Slack Pancakes
Enjoying the culinary talents of the Pastor Pressure contingency
Getting thoroughly soaked in the storm & having an umbrella that proved
nearly useless
Those blinky gooey plastic necklaces that flashed when you squeezed them
Watching Toth and his daughter go on bug hunts
Amino Acids rock!
Many really good conversations with many really cool subgeni!
The *VAN*!
Pastor Craig's two new religions
Too many mosquito bites and a huge citronella candle that proved nearly
Disappointed at the very short "Bob-tism"
Meeting new yeti
Getting a "chatty" label from Chris Lee
Walking & walking & walking & walking to get from the camp at the end of the
world to the other side of the Brushwood campgrounds
*Not* getting sunburned!
Late night Spike Jones and VT snoring right along in time
Walking through the campsites near the Four Flushers after the storm and not
seeing one single yeti at any of those campsites. Very eerie feeling! It
almost felt as though everyone had indeed been ruptured.
Still feeling the "buzz" from the time spent at Brushwood
Bobcore dancing around the icon burning fire

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