Subject: X-day report!

From: mshotz@aol.commonkeypo (Rev. Richard Skull)
Newsgroups: alt.slack
Date: Mon, Jul 7, 2003 12:35 PM
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I got back last night about 7:30 PM.

DAY 1: (Wednesday)got in, set up. I had the unfortunate luck plain to camp next
to teh skin head. He played his Nazi-GOP Recruiting CD's all night long.

DAy 2: (Thursday) Went around & meet most of the early arrivers like me. As
this was my forst Sub Event of ANY Kind I was not really sure what to expect.
And after the night of being serinaded by Skin Head, I was getting wary. I
must say that as I met more & more of the people there, I felt more & more like
this is truly a church for me! The great part was that as big a loser that I
consider myself, I met lots of people who where even BIGGER losers then me! I
wnet over to skin heads tent, where he was talking and ghanding out free CD's
to people. I asked for a CD, he gave me on. I took it out of the wrapper and
gave it my best "freesbie toss" off to the woods. For some reason he got mad!?
That night got in my First two rants! Just off the cuff ranting going on
tangents like crazy. That night was the Dr. Dark Drive in! Some of the most
Slackful films I've seen since ch 48 in Philly went off the air!

Day 3 (Friday) That morning I got to shake hands with Stang! (Maybe I should
have told him that I had just finished picking a crop of dingleberries first) I
discovered I had "lost my keys" And this is where I witnessed the first miracle
by Jesus! I found out my keys were not lost, but like most keys, were tramps
who just wanted to get into another man's pants. Jesus convinced the keys that
the new man was not right for them! The keys went to the lost & found where I
was reunited with them. We have reconciled and are getting long fine. More Dr.
Dark theater that night, Jesus performed another miracle by holding off the
storms long enough for us to see Lupus' excelent SubG TV episodes!

Day 4 (X-Day) Did not even bother to get out of bed, fuck Bob! Got BoBtized!
Cold too! Luckily the I found a jet of warm water which I quickly christened
the "Holy Urine Stream of BoB" which kept me warm. Stang;s rant (which he gave
us a preview of Wednesday night) was great. The Mino Acids, despite their show
being cut short due to technical trobles. were great! And to think they live
only a few miles from my brother! The Slack was over flowing! The sacred
Burining of the Dobbs head finished off fantastic time!

Day 5 (Sunday) packed up to come home. The tie I spend at Brushwood was the
most fun I've had in a long, long time. Thanks to all of you!

Rocknar, Sexmortus, Alex, Stang, and all of the others whose names have blurred
in my tired, shrivelded up brain.

As soon I fully recover from teh drive back (which was not too bad) I will post
some more comments & observations.

MSHOTZ: The Post Post Modern Man

There's no such thing as a soul! Its just something they made up to scare
little kids, like the Boogie-Man or Michael Jackson!.

Bart SImpson

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