Asquire's X-Day Six "InnaNutshell" Report

From: "Asquire" <>
Newsgroups: alt.slack
Date: Wed, Jul 9, 2003 1:27 AM
Message-ID: <gJNOa.10917$>

First off I'd like to Thank Everyone that made Xday Six such a slackful
experience! Thanks:

Stang, Wei, Jesus, Mags, Twobeans, Sexmortus, Lord Sloth, Sun Nguyen,
Phloighd, Pisces, 808, Chaz, Legume, Suzi Legume. Suzi the Floozie, S.
Cynic, Nickie Deathchick, Otto, TV, Shabe, Sexacts, Chrislee & Quijibo Boys,
Dok Pissoff, B'Alien, Leonard the Committed & the newly founded "Rednecks
For 'Bob'", GGG, Moon, Bucky, Cozmodiar, HardlyBoffin, FatherTom, Sifu,
Diana, The Amino Acids, Rocknar, Rev-Bro-VT, DJ Shaver, Dr Dark, Kitty,
Hellena, St. N, SkullY, Sandsworth & his tall skinny friend, Katsu, Doc
Frop, Sis D, Rev Alex, Philo, Lupus, Asher, PaterNostril, Banjo Bob, Rev.
Hairy Johnson, and the countless of people I have forgotten names of......

Memories of Xday Six:

- Hosting OR KILL ME radio with DJ Shaver and the extreamly lush Banjo-Bob.
Inso, seeing that alcohol DOES have a place in society...and that place is
for DJ's of pirate radio stations everywhere.

- The Bobby awards!! This year I won Best Dancer and got an honorable
mention for ranting.

-Delivering my rant "Scream More For Bob" to a pretty dead audience at
first...then a raving audience at the end!

- Dok Frop's fine wares

- Seeing Rev. Hairy Johnson stumble off into the woods, never to be seen
again. ((in fact..he HASNT been seen since))

- Bucky's Ass

- Sifu's EXCELLENT food products.....not to mention the times I had to see
his ass!

- Walking down the Road of Knives barefoot, at least 6 times

- Seeing Suzi the Floozie "trash talk" Stang at 7am

- The "good" hot tub, with the "good" setting

- All those cute SubG bois nekked!!

- Being whored out fer "bob", this time against my will!! But Pancakes fer
"Bob" was gooood nonetheless

- Driving 12 hours on 12 minutes of sleep, with nothing but a bottle of
NoDoze for company

- The nightly party circuit: T-Base / #Subgenius Woods / Quijibo / Dr. Darks
And the endless wandering around when there WASNT something to do

- Wet Shoes & Campire explosions

- Building the IKON over and over my subgenii brethren knock it
down over and over

- Losing the Wankers fer "Bob" contest (oddly enough....not wanking the
entire 2 weeks)

- Camp Kentucky Boys joining FEDCOMS


- Buying FINE Dobbsco products

- Buying Dobbs' actual jacket!! w/ photo proof!!

- Seeing the founding of "Rednecks for Bob" and swearing in as a member on
the spot!

- THE AMINO ACIDS.....and their shitty warm up band!

- T-Base...and RAIN!!

- *wink wink* *nudge nudge* You know who you are...

- "black sheets"

- Returning to #Subgenius to discover that everyone thought I had been
abducted by aliens

- "Wake the FUCK UP"

- Seeing Sub-G-TV Episode's over and over again....and loveing them!!

- Suzi's gifts of Shirts, Slack, and Janor Stories

- Frop

- Banjo Bob nearly being killed by the falling BURNING IKON OF DEATH!!!

- Potato Cannon & "I Live Here" Jokes in the pre-XD6 days

- The "cool" couch at T-Base

- Dr. Darks Theater & Bat Pussy (the worst porn ever)

- The Bobtisim

- Legume's original way of giving an autograph

- Pot Slack Dinner conversations

- Dirty Jokes & Sex angst

- The Big Frop-up Glowstick-00zequirt Fetish party!!!!

There was so much more but most of it is illegal to say here. Why dont YOU
get off YOUR ass and go to Brushwood if you want to see what its like for

In fact, just give all your money to the church...THEN you will be in slack
and everyone will think you are very "cool"

Peace out....see you rejects later,


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