8X-Day -- Detailed Reports

The real Girlfight story (about time)
Typical X-Day Report, plus 8X-Day Timeline
yay for half-ass x-day reports part 1
Zombie Church Slogans
MING! (Or....I Can't Get Behind THat!) from: Sister Decadence
Governor Rocknar's 8X-Day report
Leonard The Committed: X-Day report
Joe Cosby's Thanks to all for an awesome X-Day!
IDRMRSR's Secret X Day Report
Report from the secret Arizona X-Day drill.
NOW NASA's in trouble!
8X-Day After Action Report from Left Rev Egg Plant
An X-Day Tale of Triumph and Tragedy.
Brushwood Killed My Truck! (Jimbo's XD8 Report)
Happy 8X-Day! from: Shining Path of Least Resistance
8X Injuries
The Amino Acids

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