3-TUESDAY Nov. 20

Eerste Egelantiersdwarstraat 1

We almost walked past the gallery, but I looked in the window and saw a sexy lady watering a dead guy. That was Suzanne watering an Atlas figure on the floor made of live moss and tiny ferns. There were also prints of fine Espira art among the non-SubGenius art in the gallery.

The Dutch radio SubGenius Lord Yeti arrived with his girlfriend Lenni. Pope Slitta's fantastically soulful-looking girlfriend Marcella listened patiently while we discussed Fellini & DeSica movies at length. Slitta also educated Princess Wei about the Calabrian region of Italy. We met several of Suzanne's crazy friends and I think we were re-meeting Rev. Angela.. The characters in the rooms were possibly more attention-getting than anything hanging on the walls.

Lord Yeti directed us to the huge squat, a former university I think, where, deep in the catacombs below the basement, nestled between bathroom stalls practically, is the Radio Patapoe studio. This is truly underground pirate radio! http://www.desk.nl/~ptp/
Ranters included Dr. Hal, Rocknar, We/I, Pope Black and Nina, Lord Yeti's buddy, and Lenni (I hope I'm remembering her name correctly).

This radio broadcast was REALLY INSANE. I'm not sure why I didn't question it at the time, but throughout the entire show our hosts had hideous electronic noise cranked up very loud in the background -- foreground rather -- as we took turns preaching on the one lone microphone.

In the middle of this chaos, two crazy German guys showed up in "Bob" masks, accompanied by someone we know from DEVOtionals: Scott Stanton of Sick Video, http://sickvideo.com He and these German guys had formed a band, Mutate Now -- http://www.myspace.com/mutatenow, or http://youtube.com/user/mutatenow -- which utilizes Dobbsheads extensively in their DEVOesque music video, Stupid is Cool:

After the radio show, we repaired to an Indonesian restaurant for their "rice table" and then escorted Hal & Rocknar through the night streets so that they could see something more of Amsterdam than coffee shops and SubGenii. We encountered yet another shop full of Surrealist Cows -- in this case, life-sized ones walking upside-down on the high ceiling of a gift store.

Xmas is approaching, so the shops were decorated with that jolly Dutch Xmas duo, SinterKlaas and Black Peter. Black Peter, a Moor or Ethiopian who corresponds roughly to Santa's elves here, is traditionally depicted graphically in ways that would not go over well anywhere in the U.S. except possibly KKK strongholds and a few censored R. Crumb comics.

We returned to Carl's with Hal and Rocknar to continue sampling and judging. The steep, narrow, twisting, 4-storey staircase at Carl's, normal for an old Dutch city house, was a bit of a challenge for Governor Rocknar, who like most Governors is a Great Man.


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