NENSLO's X-Day prediction

Subject: Re: HourOSlack574 plus new Heaven's Gate musings
Date: 11 Apr 1997

Art by Vandewalker

Rev. Ivan Stang <> wrote:

: That stuff scares me. That stuff really actually scares me. I DREAD X-Day
: because of that sort of thing. There are a lot of unanswered questions... I
: kinda hate to bring this one up too, but.. exactly WHERE are the Escape
: Vessels escaping TO?

I been telling and telling you people. Hollow Earth. Inside out. All
the stuff that was on the inside is on the outside. Holes seal up with
JHVH1 and all pinks inside where it gets to eat them forever. New outside
looks exactly like old outside and pinks are replaced by identical flesh
robots. When we return after thousand year pleasure cruise we're given
new fleshrobot bodies exactly like the ones we lost on July 5 1998, our
memories are wiped back to X-1 and we live out our lives EXACTLY AS WE

I remember from last time.


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