1998: Year of Destiny!

From: Modemac <modemac@shell1.tiac.net>
Date: 16 Nov 1997
Organization: First Online Church of "Bob"

If you look through the "New Age," "Occult," or (sometimes) "Religion"
section of your local bookstore, you're bound to find at least one book by
Texe Marrs, famous Illuminati conspiracy theorist and publisher of "Living
Truth Ministries." It seems that ol' Marrs has decided that THE CHURCH OF
THE SUBGENIUS WAS RIGHT AFTER ALL! While he doesn't mention "Bob" outright,
he DOES give a fascinating insight into the Important Signs that lead up the
unmistakable conclusion: 1998 will be a Year of Destiny! Take a look for
yourself at:


Reverend Modemac (modemac@tiac.net)
First Online Church of "Bob"
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