ROUTE 17 to Brushwood DETOUR HINTS

From: (Curtis R. Anderson)
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Date: 16 Jun 1998 12:45:33 -0400
Organization: Gleepy's Henhouse

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Doktor DynaSoar <> wrote:
>Nick wrote:

>} Please support other REAL pagan events..
>And stay away from Brushwood. I'm sick of having to wash my car after
>running over naked ijits that pitch their tents in the damn road.
>Well, no, actually I don't mind it. I just wish they'd use lanterns so I
>wouldn't have to back up oer them to finish the job.

Well, actually, you should mind. The Coleman fuel plays havoc with the
paint job on the car.

BTW, Route 17 is getting all torn up from the Steamburg/Onoville exit
(Exit 17) west at least to the Jamestown exit (Exit 12). People going
westbound on Route 17 towards Sherman exit at the Steamburg exit and
follow Route 394 west all the way to the Stow onramp roughly 25 miles
west. The route is in reasonably good condition, certainly better than the
bumping sensation you got from the buckled concrete along Route 17 last
year. I always have to avoid it when going to Jamestown to save the car's

Anyone with further questions can email me for particulars on the detour.

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