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In 1276, British law declared "Time Immemorial" to constitute any point of time previous to July 6, 1189. Why? Because NOBODY COULD REMEMBER ANYTHING THAT HAPPENED BEFORE THEN! This much is obvious, then- whatever the X-ists are planning, THEY'VE DONE IT BEFORE. Furthermore, and perhaps more disturbingly, the year in which it happened was not '98, but '89! This clearly points towards some sort of clerical error on behalf of SOMEBODY.. and in all honesty, does anyone believe we REALLY could've survived the one-two punch of apocalyptic Christian "Insane Anglo Warlord" and former CIA chief and well-known foreign operative GEORGE HERBERT WALKER BUSH? Something must have HAPPENED. Something to neutralize the threat of Bush, to stop the destruction of the world.. or to already have destroyed it? More later.

Brrr-woowoowooowooowoowoo-brrrRRRRRrrrrr (Galaxians 7/83)

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