The Book Of Lilith
[A Whole Buncha Shit You Cain't See]
The Book Of Lilith
[A Whole Buncha Shit You Cain't See]

(Chapter on SPUTUM Prophesy)

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The Book of Lilith

Chapter 27

(1) And thus the agent of Ar-Wupek spoke in a breath, and with the voice of a dragon berift of its fleshy pleasures:

(2) The day shall pass when the nations of the earth shall gather together their finely-wrought wires, (3) [which shall] scintilate and flicker with power and intelligence, so that the very fires of the atoms cannot destroy it. (3) And within this net of wire shall the children of the Yeti gather, and war with themselves; as brothers they *shall* fight. (4) An the nations of the earth rise to bind the children of the Yeti, yet the children of the Yeti shall yet free themselves with but the strength of their tongues.

(5) And the merchants shall come, to seduce the righteous with their trinkets and magic. (6) And also the theives of magic that shall mark themselves among the elite. (7) So it shall pass that many prophets shall speak, saying, (8) Let it be told among the children of the Yeti: Suffer ye not a Pink to make spam. (9) For they are of their father the Anti-"Bob", and they know not of Slack, lest they crush it under their pronouncements. (10) And the image-makers shall descecrate the images of the Slackless, and shall mock them fiercely and with great joy. (11) Yet the merchants shall ever come, to seduce the righteous still.

(12) But in Ar-Wupek's great *bou-chuuda* <untranslated> he shall grant a cabal of the Yetichildes excessive mojo, (13) that they may close the ports which the foolish leave open, and smite the Slackless as a monkey may pick its own lice and eat. (14) And their name shall be as the clearing of a throat, and the spittle thereof, that their enemies may feel wrath.

(15) So I opened mine eyes, and gazed at the agent's countenance as one might question another's soundness of mind. (16) And I saith unto the agent, Yea, but why hast thou bespoken that which has already come to pass, and call it yet prophesy?

(17) At which the agent colored his cheeks as fire, and made his leave in silence.

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