Turyn's X-Day Prophecy

From: Michael Turyn <mturyn@nombas.com>

On X-Day, everyone with a picture of their cat[s] anchored to their web page will find that the cat-pictures have attained throbbing, unholy, electronic life as Monsters From The ID---and the more hits they 've had, the BIGGER the monster.

On X-Day, hardcore humorless science fiction fans will gain power in all nations; the ones with the most Spiritual Pimples (tm) will be supreme.

On X-Day, everyone with a "Free Tibet" bumper sticker WHO HASN"T DONE ANYTHING ELSE FOR TIBET (or has, but won't admit that it used to be an autocratic theocracy) will be buried underneath 3 metric tonnes of free Tibetan snow (mixed with monks' pee).

On X-Day, everyone who "believes in crystals" will get gout.

On X-Day, every author of every "angel" book will get the "Raiders of the Lost Ark" treatment. We Subs will watch, and cry out, "It 's beautiful!" _after_ the winged androgynes turn into grinning skull-faced marauders who will cook and eat their FACES on the bone.

On X-Day, every nonSub whore will become Absolute Mastress of every john who's bought her--and will wear her pimp's skin for a rainment.

Can I hear an "Amen,"?

:Michael Turyn Strategic Software Servitor
:Nombas, Inc. mturyn@nombas.com
:"I want a siècle with _fins_ on it."
: ---Alfred Jarry Cornelius

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